Two Former Niagara Mayors To Run In Ontario Election

By Doug Draper

Two former Niagara mayors – Wayne Redekop of Fort Erie and Katie Trombetta of West Lincoln, are revving it up for runs in their ridings for this October’s provincial election.

Wayne Redekop addresses rally for better hospital care at Queen's Park last year. Photo by Doug Draper

Redekop, a lawyer in Fort Erie who was that town’s mayor until he left the job four years ago, is looking to be the NDP candidate in the Niagara Falls riding which will pit him against the Liberal incumbent, Kim Craitor. The nomination meeting for him to be that candidate takes place this June.

Trombetta lost her job as West Lincoln’s mayor last fall after serving two terms that had her presenting a strong voice around the Niagara regional council chambers on issues of concern to her area. She has been nominated as the Liberal candidate for the riding of Niagara West-Glanbrook, the same riding now dominated by the province’s Conservative opposition leader, Tim Hudak.
In a May 18 media release, Trombetta says; “Our community needs a strong voice to represent our local community interests. … Some representatives forget that they are here to serve the people. They take their constituents for granted and grow out of touch. I know that my years of experience in this community will help me bring our local issues to the table, and I hope I can earn your trust and support.”

Former West Lincoln mayor and Ontario Liberal candidate Katie Trombetta

Trombetta sounds like she is in it to win, despite taking on an incumbent who is not only a party leader. Hudak also defeated Mayor Vance Badawey, when he ran as a Liberal candidate some six or seven years ago.

Redekop declared this May 18 that he is in it to win. He comes up against a Liberal incumbent who has often criticized his own Liberal government for not doing enough to address the concerns south Niagara residents have about their diminishing hospital services.

For his  part, Redekop has continued, even after leaving the mayor’s job, supporting the fight for fair access to hospital services in Niagara. A year ago this May, he raised their concerns during a rally in front of Queen’s Park.

Suffice to say, the races in the Niagara Falls and Niagara West-Glanbrook ridings will be interesting ones and Niagara At Large will do its best to follow them closely.

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3 responses to “Two Former Niagara Mayors To Run In Ontario Election

  1. George Jardine

    Wayne Redekop was the past Mayor of Fort Erie, and when he left , he left a Town in a financial mess, over twenty million dollars unnacounted for and nobody will do an audit to find out where it went, at Region he and his school chum Doug Martin voted not to have an audit, why they were out, 2 million dollars on the addition to Region Headquarters which was too small to accomodate staff. Wayne hired extra staff at nearly 200 hundred dollars a pop, including benefits, these three people haven’t added one nickle in value to our Town.We can not afford this guy at Queens Park.


  2. George Jardine

    Sorry 200 hundred thousand dollars. my typo, I have an eye that is partly blind.


  3. George I know nothing about the politics in Fort Erie but this letter is written because I was one of the many who attended and spoke out at the many meetings in Port Colborne, Niagara Falls, Welland and Yes in front of the Douglas Hospital on several occasions. I find it “very” difficult to “Believe and yes Trust” the Liberal vying for re-election in you area for his words do not always match his actions when it comes to the Health Concerns of the Southern tier of Niagara. I also was impressed and sold on him…… until………. I heard his Televised speech at the signing of the new Casino contract where he practically genuflected and kissed the feet of McGuinty and the ex Health Minister Smitherman heaping praise adoration as if these two had recently arrived from heaven.
    Our Indian brothers would probably call this speaking with forked tongue but what is happening over the past couple of years reeks of politicing knowing the Liberals will probably garner the same fate as their Federal counterparts “oblivion”
    That Liberal member at a Press meeting in front of the Douglas was asked why he did NOT walk across the floor and if NOT sit with the NDP then at least show his contempt for the Liberal actions and sit as an Independent.
    Then that Speech??? Why would anyone trust this individual.?????
    According to what I had heard from another party he was not at Queens Park for the critical vote on the HST and this guy says he is our “Rock”????????????


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