How Many More Ontario College Pikers Are Going To Be Smoked Out?

By Doug Draper

What is it with community colleges in Ontario digging into our pockets and those of their students to pay for fundraisers for political parties in this province?

Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath is smoking the pikers in our publicly paid for college system out

Niagara At Large has just got through pillaring one college president, Georgian College’s Brian Tamblyn, as our very first ‘Creep of the Week’ for a new weekly column we are doing on people whose behaviour is so depraved, they deserve to be called creeps. You can read about his attempt to stick the public with the cost of a $5,000 political-fundraising event a few posts down on this site by clicking on

And now we got more!
According to some good digging by the province’s NDP leader Andrea Horwath and her party operatives, Fanshawe College in London, Ontario and the president of George Brown College in Toronto also rifled our pockets and those of their students for thousands of dollars worth of donations for fundraising events for the governing Liberal Party.

What is going on here and why don’t these college executives realize that they are using money paid in no small part by struggling students, through their tuition fees, on what – a partisan political event? Hey Mr. College President, you want to hobnob with a minister or the premier, do it on your own tab, okay. Keep the kids at your schools and the rest of us who are paying enough in taxes to construct another building on your campus out of it.

Below is the latest media release, dated this May 18, from the Ontario NDP that has been tracking down these individuals partying with policians on our dime.

More donations expensed to colleges show disturbing pattern: Horwath

Queen’s Park – Examples from two more publicly funded colleges that covered the cost of donations to the Liberal Party show something is wrong with politics in Ontario, says New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath.

“A government’s been around too long when they can’t tell the difference between the public interest and their own,” said Horwath. “When public servants think attending Liberal fundraisers is part of their job it’s clear we need a change.”

In Question Period today, Horwath released information showing that in 2008 and 2009, the president of George Brown college expensed seven donations to the Liberal Party totaling $4,850. Fanshawe College also reimbursed its president for a fundraiser.

Both donations were re-paid after the information was requested by the NDP.

Horwath said she didn’t blame college presidents for making donations.

“It’s unfortunate that college presidents were given the impression that the best way of bending the ear of a minister is by attending a fundraiser,” said Horwath. “New Democrats believe that public money should support for colleges, universities, and families, not the Liberal Party.”

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One response to “How Many More Ontario College Pikers Are Going To Be Smoked Out?

  1. William Snyder

    How can these clowns teach the students any morals


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