George Lepp Announces a PC Government Will Provide Immediate Relief for Families on Home Hydro and Heating Bills

Publisher’s Note – Niagara At Large is posting this May 19 media release from the office of Niagara Falls Riding provincial Conservative candidate George Lepp for your information.

Niagara Falls—Today, PC Candidate for the Niagara Falls Riding George Lepp announced that after years of failed Liberal hydro experiments, a PC government would remove the provincial portion of the HST from hydro bills.
In Canada, heating our homes is not a luxury.

Niagara Falls riding Conservative candidate George Lepp

Dalton McGuinty’s move to increase the cost with a surprise tax increase was grossly unfair. A PC government will remove the provincial portion of the HST from every home heating bill, including natural gas, home heating oil and propane.

A PC Government will also remove the so-called “Debt Retirement Charge” from residential hydro bills. Taken together, these steps will give a typical Ontario household $275 in immediate relief from rising energy bills.

In October, the choice is clear – a McGuinty government which will raise the taxes of Ontario families, or a Tim Hudak government which will provide relief for families on hydro bills.
“Dalton McGuinty’s failed energy experiments have hurt Ontario families where it matters most – in their pocketbooks. Tim Hudak recognizes that our families desperately need relief. By removing the provincial portion of the HST from hydro bills, hardworking families will get a major break from steadily rising costs. The choice in October is clear – a McGuinty plan to raise taxes, or an Ontario PC plan to lower taxes.” –George Lepp, PC Candidate – Niagara Falls
·    Under Dalton McGuinty, hydro rates have increased eight times since 2003 by a total of 84 percent, or a whopping 150 percent for families with activated smart meters.
·    Despite promising Ontario families that his expensive energy experiments and Green Energy Act would only raise rates by 1 percent, Dalton McGuinty now admits in last year’s Fall Economic Update that bills will rise by an additional 46 percent by 2015.
·    Even the Ontario Energy Board acknowledged Dalton McGuinty’s energy experiments were behind the latest May 1 hydro increase.

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One response to “George Lepp Announces a PC Government Will Provide Immediate Relief for Families on Home Hydro and Heating Bills

  1. Vincent V. Buklis

    Mr. Lepp is quick to advertise what the Progressive Conservatives in Ontario are prepared to do if they form a government after the election.
    However, this resident of Fort Erie would like to know what issues his elected provincial MLA would be prepared to personally fight for, if elected.


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