Ontario’s Self-Described “Government for the People” a ‘Strong Advocate’ for Women

“Ontario Shows Leadership on Women’s Issues At the United Nations

Minister Lisa MacLeod joined the Canadian delegation at the Commission on the Status of Women

A News Release from Ontario’s “Government for the People”

Posted March 15th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

The Honourable Lisa MacLeod, Ontario’s Minister of Children, Community and Social Services and Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues

New York City — Ontario’s Government for the People is strongly advocating for gender equality with a commitment to end violence against women and sex trafficking.

The Honourable Lisa MacLeod, Minister of Children, Community and Social Services and Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues, joined the Canadian delegation in New York City this week at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women to highlight the inequities faced by women and girls at home and abroad.

“I was proud to speak up for equality with my fellow Ministers,” said MacLeod. “We need strong women to support vulnerable women but just as importantly we need strong men to support vulnerable women.” Continue reading


Niagara Parks’ Police Chief – Hired On a High Note Barely Two Years Ago – Is Suddenly Gone

Top Cop’s departure is just the latest in recent rush of high-office exits in a Niagara where a little less chaos and a little more stability would be nice

A News Commentary from Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted March 14th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

Mark McMullen, whose hiring as Niagara Parks Police Chief was celebrated when it was announced in May of 2017, was suddenly out of the job this past Monday, March 11th.

As if the heads of Niagara residents aren’t already spinning from four months of sudden departures and firings – not to mention some pretty hefty lawsuits – involving top administrators at Niagara Region and the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA), now we learn through a report this March 12th in local newspapers that Mark McMullen, Niagara Park’s Chief of Police, is suddenly gone.

It was only 22 months ago, that Ontario’s Niagara Parks Commission circulated a news release, announcing McMullen’s hiring to the top cop job at the Parks Police, one of the oldest (circa 1887) and most respected police forces in all of Canada. Continue reading

Visit Two of Niagara, Ontario’s Great Used Book Stores & Help Keep Great Stores Like Them Alive

 – Hannelore Headley Old and Fine Books & The Write Bookshop in St. Catharines –

Both Stores Are Bursting With Books, Now on Sale for 50 Per Cent Off for the Whole Month of March

A call of support for some of the Best Independent Stores in our Greater Niagara Region by Doug Draper

Posted March 14th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

“Books are everywhere; and always the same sense of adventure fills us. Second-hand books are wild books, homeless books; they have come together in vast flocks of variegated feather, and have a charm which the domesticated volumes of the library lack –  from Street Haunting, a book of essays by Virginia Woolf

Hannelore Headley Old and Fine Books on 71 Queen Street in St. Catharines near Lake Street and Montebello Park

In an age when online shopping threatens the survival of brick and mortar stores, I hope the day never comes when we are sorry that they are all gone.

Call me out of step with the brave new world of eBay and Amazon, if you like, but I think our towns and cities would be pretty deadening places to live in if there were no more brick and mortar stores.

And that would be especially true, in my view, if we lost every last independent book and record store, where a person can go and experience a real sense of community with others who share their passion for good books and music.

In that spirit, I am going to make a habit on Niagara At Large of devoting a little more space to drawing attention to and encouraging all of us to support what are left of the independent book and music stores on both sides of the border in our Niagara and Erie county regions, lest we lose these great places.

The Write Bookshop on 285 St. Paul Street in downtown St. Catharines

So I begin with two of the very best used book stores in all of Niagara, Ontario, and they are both having store-wide 50 per cent off sales all this month, right through to end of Saturday, March 30th. Continue reading

Ontario’s Ford Government Already Cutting Front-Line Jobs In Health Care And Other Services

Front-Line Cuts happening in Defiance of Ford’s pledge that only management-level jobs will disappear

A News Release from Ontario’s Official Opposition and New Democratic Party

Posted March 14th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is making service cuts, he claims, to “put more money in (our) pocket.” Ontario residents may have to use some of that pocket money to pay for private health care and other public services that may be lost.

Queen’s Park — With another month to go before Doug Ford’s first budget, which is widely expected to include deep cuts, the NDP says the jobs that have already been cut include front-line staff that deliver health care and critical services.

Doug Ford revealed Wednesday in Cambridge that there will be job losses when he overhauls the health care system and creates his SuperAgency.

Ford’s tall tales indicate that only management-level people will be fired — but the job cuts resulting from a lack of funding from the province have already included: Continue reading

Niagara Falls to be Illuminated in Green for St. Patrick’s Day – Sunday, March 17th

Niagara Falls Illumination Board to take part in the annual “Global Greening” campaign

An Invite to the Falls from Ontario’s Niagara Parks Commission

Posted March 14th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

Niagara Falls, Ontario – In partnership with Tourism Ireland’s “Global Greening” campaign, the Niagara Falls Illumination Board will once again light up Niagara Falls in green on Sunday, March 17 in celebration of all things Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.

Photo courtesy of Niagara Parks Commission

Both the American and Canadian Horseshoe Falls will be bathed with vibrant green light for 15-minute intervals at the top of the hour from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m., joining numerous prominent world icons such as the Sydney Opera House, Empire State Building, the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, the London Eye, the Colosseum in Rome and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, to name but a few. Continue reading

Niagara West MPP Seeks Public Feedback on Regional Government Review in Niagara

Ontario Launches Online Consultation for Residents, Businesses and Stakeholders

A News Release from the Constituency Office of Niagara West MPP Sam Oosterhoff

Posted March 14th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

Niagara West MPP Sam Oosterhoff

Niagara, Ontario — Sam Oosterhoff, MPP for Niagara West, is seeking local input on how to improve governance, decision-making and service delivery for regional governments in the Niagara Region.

All people who live or work in the region are invited to share their thoughts through the online consultation. The deadline to submit comments is April 23, 2019.

“We promised the people of Ontario that all levels of government would work harder, smarter and more efficiently,” said Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

“Our government is putting people first by seeking local input on how to improve governance, decision-making and service delivery for regional governments and their member municipalities.” Continue reading

Niagara At Large is Taking a Short Break to Refuel & Retool

We Will Be Back With Renewed Vigor In A Matter of Days (and possibly sooner if there is breaking news we can’t ignore)

Read A Little About Our Plans For The Future Below

A Brief Message from Niagara At Large reporter and publisher    Doug Draper

Posted March 6th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

Maybe it is the dog days of winter or maybe it is just that quite a few of us out there are slow walking into the March break week, but I am not getting anywhere near the hundred or two media releases and other messages that fill my inbox each day.

That is not unusual this time of year and it tells me that this may be a good time for this reporter to take a little time to  break from posting news and think about where we want to go with Niagara At Large in the weeks and months ahead. Continue reading