Time to ‘end the disgrace’ of Donald Trump

Remove Him Now!

A Brief Message from the Facebook pages of Robert Reich, a university professor, author and former Secretary of Labour in the White House administration of President Bill Clinton

Posted August 19th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

 We have endured Donald Trump for 7 months. Although he has had few legislative victories, he has almost single-handedly destroyed the moral authority of the presidency of the United States at home and abroad, brought us to the brink of a nuclear war without consulting anyone, and sown division and hatred.

He has given encouragement and legitimacy to the ugliest in America.

How can this nation endure another 41 months of this man? Continue reading

Ontario’s Niagara Parks Hosts Solar Eclipse Viewing Event – Monday, August 21st

An Invite to All from the Niagara Parks Commission

Posted August 20th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

Niagara Falls, Ontario  – The Niagara Parks Commission will host a solar eclipse viewing event at the new Niagara Glen Nature Centre on Monday, August 21th from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.

Join us at the Niagara Glen to view the solar eclipse from our recently unveiled Niagara Glen Nature Centre.

The event will include guided viewing tours with special protective glasses, as well as crafts for kids and light refreshments, all with a panoramic view of the Niagara River under the darkened sky caused by the eclipse. Continue reading

As the Citizen Defenders of Thundering Waters Forest camp on … here’s a video we should all watch!

Someone needs to send this video to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and her Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry

A Brief One from Doug Draper, reporter, veteran environment writer and publisher of Niagara At Large

Posted August 17th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

A peak at the provincially significant wetlands under the canopy of trees in the Thundering Waters Forest

Niagara, Ontario – As night sets in and rain drops fall on Day 4 of a 24/7 camp out by a group of determined Niagara area citizens working to grow more public support for saving 484 acres of Thundering Waters Forest in Niagara Falls, Ontario from at least partial urban development, a very fine video on the Forest and the natural treasures that could be lost is now circulating on social meda.

Hoping that those who produced it and are circulating it on Facebook and other social media venues will permit us, we also want to post it here for our many Niagara At Large readers on both sides of the Ontario/New York border who share the Niagara River watershed where this great forest and its provincially significant wetlands play a vital role in the watershed’s health and biodiversity.

Here is the video for you to click on and watch –

Visit the Facebook site of Dave Tebutt who produced and first posted this great video, and you can join a growing number of others there in thanking him for this contribution to the campaign to save the wetlands, trees and diversity of other wildlife in Thundering Waters Forest by clicking on – https://www.facebook.com/davetebbuttvideos?hc_ref=ARS78k4Gb3sXT9Mw1AxXFEM1FKrb1ZZeY4qI-KXFUKvzPg_FPdy4fB4CTIKMOv9O8Co&pnref=story

Show your support by going out and visiting the defenders and signing their guest book at Thundering Waters Forest camp

Here is more information on making a visit and on how to find the site –

The members of the team at the Thundering Waters welcome anyone who would like to learn more about the rare, complex and unique ecosystem of Thundering Waters and its slough forest wetlands, that were etched into the earth by retreating glaciers thousands of years ago, its old growth trees, and its wildflower, pollinator and bird-filled-meadowlands, to come out to the site any time over the weekend until 5 p.m. on Sunday, August 20.

Visitors are encouraged to bring their cameras to capture the beauty of the wetlands. Visitors are also encouraged to wear shoes or boots that can withstand mud.

The media is always welcomed and encouraged to come out and meet with some of the citizens who are visiting the site.

Directions to the camp:

From the Queen Elizabeth Highway take the McLeod St exit (exit 27), go east on McLeod.  In approximately 550 metres turn right on Dorchester Blvd.   Follow Dorchester until it appears to end (Y in the road) and turn to the right, you will still be on Dorchester Road, continue on Dorchester across the railway tracks, about 75 metres after crossing the tracks you will see a trail going into the woods. It will be marked. 

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 “A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders

In an Official Statement, Canada’s Prime Minister denounces “hate and violence” behind Barcelona terrorist attack

Then there was the tweet the Prime Minister sent out after the Charlottesville, Virginia orgy of hate and terror

A Statement from the Office of Canada’s Prime Minister

Posted August 17th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on the terrorist attack in Barcelona:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

“I am deeply saddened by today’s (August 17th) terrorist attack in Barcelona that has killed and injured so many innocent people.

“Sophie and I join all Canadians in offering our sincere condolences to the families and friends who have lost loved ones, and our best wishes for a fast and full recovery to those injured today.

“While we cannot ignore the outrage we feel, together we must renew our commitment to protect the freedom found in societies that promote unity, openness and inclusion. Continue reading

Canadians have little time left to press for more protection for our rivers and lakes

Find out what you can do to press Canada’s federal government for more environmental protection below

A Call-Out from Niagara, Ontario citizen activist Fiona McMurran

Posted August 17th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

A view of the lower Niagara River near Queenston, Ontario and Lewiston, New York

(A Brief Foreword by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper Niagara At Large received the following information in the form of a comment from Fiona McMurran, a Niagara activist and long-time member of the Council of Canadians citizens organization, in response to a story posted on this site earlier this August 17th about more pollution entering the Niagara River from a waste water treatment plant in Niagara Falls, New York that appears not to be working properly.

McMurran began her comment, which we have already posted underneath the earlier story about the discharge of pollution from the American plant, by calling the lack of a strong response so far from Canada’s federal government and the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate change, “absolutely appalling.” Continue reading

Local groups in Niagara send reps to support sit-in at Thundering Waters

 This Message from a host of community groups and organization in the Niagara, Ontario area

Posted August 17th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

Niagara, Ontario – The group of young people, who began a sit-in at Thundering Waters Forest in Niagara Falls on Monday, August 15th, are thrilled with the support they have been receiving from Niagara citizens.

Many citizens, representatives of local groups and some area politicians, have visited the site to learn more about this unique and biologically-rich area consisting of 484 acres of provincially protected wetlands; forest and; meadowlands that have been threatened with development. Continue reading

New York Authorities are investigating yet another discharge of pollution to Niagara River

Discharge is tied to same Niagara Falls, N.Y. waste water plant

By Doug Draper, reporter and publisher, Niagara At Large

Posted August 17th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

The massive spill of oily looking waste to the Niagara River below the Falls that captured international headlines in the wake of its occurrence this past July 29th.

Niagara, Ontario – There has been another overflow of pollution to the Niagara River from the same Niagara Falls, New York waste water treatment plant that released a huge oily looking slick of waste to waters below the Horseshoe and American Falls late this July, reports The Buffalo News.

The discharge occurred this August 15th and added up to nearly three million gallons of untreated waste and storm water entering the waters of the river below the Falls, according to a story the News ran on its front page this August 17th.

“Before Tuesday’s (August 15th) discharge,” reports the newspaper, “data obtained under the state’s Sewage Right-To-Know Law shows at least 14 previous overflows from the same location near the base of the American Falls dating from last September.” Continue reading