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Ontario Supporting New Sport Facilities in Niagara for 2021 Canada Games

Priority project will create new Canada Games Park and new jobs in Niagara Region

A News Release from the Constituency Office of Niagara West MPP Sam Oosterhoff

Posted August 16th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

Niagara, Ontario – Ontario is supporting the 2021 Canada Games by committing to a cost-shared investment of $29 million for the construction of new sport facilities, which will support athletes and bring new jobs to Niagara region. This will include investments in Grimsby, West Lincoln, and Wainfleet.

Niagara West MPP and Ford government representative Sam Oosterhoff, at left, with Lisa MacLeod, Ontario Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, at announcement for Canada Games funding

“I am thrilled that our province is hosting the Games. For the Niagara region, hosting a national sport event is a tremendous opportunity to reap the economic and social rewards that come with it,” said Lisa MacLeod, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport.

“Not only will this project create an amazing, unforgetable experience for athletes, but new sport and recreation facilities will be enjoyed by residents of all ages and abilities.” Continue reading


Concerned About The Climate? Check Out The Green Solution At The Niagara Greens’ Federal Campaign Launch

Join the Green Party of Canada’s NIAGARA GREENS FEDERAL CAMPAIGN LAUNCH.  Join us Thursday, August 22th at 6:30 pm, in the Pond Inlet at Brock University in J-Block of Mackenzie Chown Building in St. Catharines, Ontario.

News from supporters for the Green Party of Canada

Posted August 16th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

The latest poll of Canadians shows that “82% say climate change is a serious problem, including 47% who describe it as an extremely serious problem.”

The Green Party believes that we have no more time to waste – Canada needs a bold and all-embracing strategy to address climate breakdown NOW.

The Green Party is the single political party with a sound, reliable plan to lower emissions, while ensuring that workers in fossil fuel and related industries are able to transition to the new green economy.

Greens have always stood for environmental protection and serious and immediate action on climate change. The 2019 platform is a comprehensive and evidence-based blueprint providing policy and direction for a better, more just and sustainable Canada.

Come find out more!

Continue reading

Federal Gas Tax Fund Investments Support Local Infrastructure in Niagara Centre

Niagara Centre MP Vance Badawey

“As the Conservative Government of Ontario failed to cooperate with the federal government with respect to much needed infrastructure funding, expected to be delivered under the bilateral agreement signed over a year and a half ago, our local partners needed a mechanism to get projects out the door in time for the 2019 constructions season. We needed to, once again, step up to the plate and lead by example.”                                                                     – Vance Badawey, Member of Parliament for Niagara Centre

A News Release from the Constituency Office of Niagara Centre Liberal MP Vance Badawey

Posted August 16th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

Welland, Ontario – Doug Ford is delaying infrastructure funding to Ontario’s municipalities. The federal government stepped up. Our government has doubled its commitment to fund infrastructure projects, with the Municipal Gas Tax Fund. We won’t abandon towns and cities. Let’s get shovels in the ground.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford, shown here at right with his political friend and ally, federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, has fallen short on infrastructure funding for municipalities, say the federal Liberals, leaving their government to step up with more for towns and cities.

Niagara Centre has received its first installment of the annual federal Gas Tax Fund (GTF), along with the top-up announced through Budget 2019, to support infrastructure projects in communities across the province.

The top-up doubles the amount of money for Ontario communities, based on their allocations for the 2018-19 GTF transfer, enabling them to carry out infrastructure projects that support the well-being of their residents. Continue reading

Time to Stop Ford Government from Unplugging Ontario from an Electric Car Future

A Message from Ontario’s Green Party

Posted August 16th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

This week, GM and Volkswagen announced they’d no longer be making hybrid vehicles.


The writing’s on the wall for gas-guzzling cars, but the Ford government refuses to read it.

Tell the Premier to stop unplugging Ontario from an electric future.

Over the next 5 years, the global auto industry is spending a whopping $255 billion to develop electric vehicles. Continue reading

Beach at Port Dalhousie’s Lakeside Park in St. Catharines finally set to reopen this August 16th

While water levels remain high, and are still above average, City officials say there is enough usable space on the beach to safely reopen it for use

News from the City of St. Catharines in Niagara, Ontario

Posted August 16th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

Niagara, Ontario – St. Catharines residents will be able to enjoy a trip to the beach at Lakeside Park before summer vacation wraps up.

How the beach at Lakeside Park in Port Dalhousie looked early this past June when water levels in Lake Ontario were reaching near-record highs. File photo by Doug Draper

The beach at the park, which has suffered flooding due to record high water levels on Lake Ontario since May, will reopen to the public on Friday, Aug. 16. While water levels remain high, and are still above average, City officials say there is enough usable space on the beach to safely reopen it for use.

“As the water levels have started to recede, our staff have been hard at work cleaning and grooming the beach,” said Darrell Smith, director of Municipal Works. “As long as the weather cooperates, and the water levels continue to decline, we could see even more space available for use before the beach season ends.” Continue reading

Remembering the Fleeting Magic of Woodstock, 50 Years On

Unfortunately, not enough of the hope, idealism and sense of community that made the Woodstock festival so magical survived. And we sure could use  it now

A  Look Back by Niagara At Large reporter  Doug Draper

Posted August 15th, on Niagara At Large

The iconic poster for the Woodstock festival

“About a thousand years ago there was a very brief period of time that is now referred to as the Sixties. …

“It lasted about 11 or 12 minutes before the hustlers and hucksters pour in, and it has become a kind of black hole in the national cosmos into which all of the noblest and fiercest aspirations of a generation sunk and disappeared. … a kind of Bermuda Triangle of idealism.”

  • Leonard Cohen, during a 1994 performance on the PBS program Austin City Limits.

Down a black hole it went alright, but oh what a wild and crazy, strange and frightening, and sometimes magical and beautiful 11 or 12 minutes it was while it lasted.

And near the end of it all, for what seemed like just a few seconds of that time as the decade of the Sixties were drawing to a close, it reached a zenith of peace & music 50 years ago this August 15th, 16th and 17th on the verdant pasture lands of Max Yasgur’s farm in the Catskills of Upstate New York.

An aireal shot of the Woodstock festival in progress, August, 1969

The Woodstock Music & Art Fair, as this now legendary festival was called, was more than f somewhere between 400,000 and half a million young people surviving three days and nights of mud and rain, and a shortfall of food, drink and sanitary facilities, all bound together in a spirit of peace and community. Continue reading

The Destructive War Trump and his Like are Waging on our Planet Has Got to Be Stopped!

The Future Survival of Every Species on this Planet – including our own –  depends on it

“The fact is that no species has ever had such wholesale control over everything on earth, living or dead, as we now have. That lies upon us, whether we like it or not, an awesome responsibility. In our hands now lies not only our own future, but that of all other living creatures with whom we share the earth.”
― British broadcaster and natural historian David Attenborough

A News Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted August 14th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

Donald Trump has a hell of a lot of nerve pointing his fat little fingers at brown people and calling them “rapists.”

Trump should look in the mirror and ask the question; “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the biggest rapist of all?”

The orange-hair monster would probably not like the answer because he mirror would be reflecting those little fingers back at him.

And this is not just about the growing list of women who have accused Trump of groping or raping them. This is about the biggest rape of all on a victim that we all need to nurture and protect to survive on this planet.

That victim is Mother Nature, which Trump has proven time and time again that he could care less about going back to the earliest days of his nightmare presidency when he moved unilateral decision to pull out of a Paris Climate Accord that less than a year earlier – in 2016 – his country signed following negotiations with more than 190 other signature nations around the world. Continue reading