Join a Citizens Campaign to Save Endangered and Waverly Woods in Fort Erie

A Message from Marcie Jacklin and Community Voices of Fort Erie

Posted August 12th, 2021 on Niagara At Large

One of the many residents of Waverly Woods – now a target for urban development

Fort Erie, Canada – One of the most important things about the Waverley Woods/Erie Beach property (now a target for urban development in Fort Erie) is that it is host to a variety of species of birds, plants, and other wildlife.

It is essential that these species are documented, and there are several ways that you can help to build the natural science information database available for this special place.   One easy way is to use the app called “” .

This useful app (which you can download either to your phone or computer) will help you identify what you see, as well as record your sightings and add photos.  Another way of submitting data is by completing the form at Docs/EN/ProvincialServices/NHIC Multiple Observation Reporting ‘

Here are some species we are watching:

  • Any records of Red-headed Woodpeckers, especially feeding young.  The young birds have black heads
  •  Any turtles, especially Snapping Turtle
  •  Fowler’s Toad and frogs
  • Large gatherings of Monarch Butterflies, particularly at the end of August and into September and October

For documentation, you will need the numbers of each species, location, time and day, plus photos, if possible.  All of this is necessary for a good report.  These sightings can help demonstrate the importance of this natural treasure.

We hope some of you will be able to stop in at our Yard Sale on Saturday, August 21, 2021, from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm  at 723 Edgemere Rd in Fort Erie. 

In the event of rain, the sale will be held on Sunday, August 22, 2021.  If you have any items you would like to donate, please contact Sandi Lorito at  before August 18th.

* Share the petition with others Can we get to 8300 signatures by September 1st?  If you prefer not to sign the petition an alternative is to join our email list by sending your email and name to

* Please donate to help us cover our legal and expert costs. Go to this link or send a donation to Community Voices of Fort Erie, P.O. Box 273, Fort Erie, Ontario L2A 2S0. All donations go towards our legal and expert costs.

We require experts to testify at the Hearing in areas like Planning, Ornithology, Wetlands, Hydrology, Military History and Built Heritage.

Please Sign Our Petition –

A subdivision has been proposed at Waverly Beach/Erie Beach called HarbourTown Village.

We object to this proposed subdivision based on the following criteria: This location is used as a connection to nature for many Fort Erie residents and has been for many decades. It has historical significance and may contain important artifacts. It is one of the few remaining spring migratory stop-overs for birds in the Niagara region.

Many residents in Fort Erie and across Niagara would rather save this.

This site is used by Red-headed Woodpeckers, bats, pollinators and other threatened species for feeding and breeding.

To sign the petition, click on –

For more on long-time conservationist and Fort Erie resident Marcie Jacklin, click on –’s%20Marcie%20Jacklin%20Honoured%20with%20Major%20Wildlife%20Conservation%20Award%20%7C%20Niagara%20At%20Large

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2 responses to “Join a Citizens Campaign to Save Endangered and Waverly Woods in Fort Erie

  1. The best local environmental cause we can support.


  2. There is nothing original in the Waverly woods Less than 100 years ago it was a park that hosted 1000’s of people every summer, there were 2 ball diamonds and i think there may have even been an airstrip. If you go to Dominion rd and look at the area, than turn around and you will see many acres of wild land. The developers have made provision for green space along the waterfront. Don’t be like the Fort Erie of old that refused to work with GM and lost them to St. Catharines and of course the race track that a few idiots chased out with silly law suits.


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