What Good Are Lockdown/Stay At Home Orders If They Have No Teeth?

“Whatever happened to handcuffing and tossing into squad cars? Could there possibly be anyone in the crowd (of anti-lockdown demonstrators) deserving of better? What am I missing?”

A Commentary by Carla Rienzo, a long-time community activist in Niagara, Ontario

Posted May 4th, 2021 on Niagara At Large

It is not lost on those of us who have made, and continue to make, huge sacrifices that the pandemic is nowhere close to being under control due to the selfish ignorance of those who feel that their personal rights trump social responsibility.

It is not lost on those of us who made, and continue to make, huge sacrifices that the pandemic is nowhere close to being under control due to the presence of the least effective politicians, police enforcement and bylaw enforcement in the history of the Niagara region.

If leadership starts at the top, there has been NONE.

From the Niagara Regional Police news release (see a copy of the April 2021 NRP release below) “As per the Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act, hosting or organizing a public event or other gather where the number of people in attendance exceeds the number permitted MAY lead to higher penalties.”

“MAY” lead to higher penalties?    Why not “WILL” lead to higher penalties?  What good is a public order if it has no teeth?

Demonstrators are well aware that police and bylaw enforcement have been guilty of dereliction of duty since day-one of the pandemic.

Demonstrators are well aware that the mayors of tourist towns in particular have done an abysmal job of dispensing fines, dispersing crowds and ORDERING (not asking) tourists to go home.

We are over a year into this pandemic.

The toll on human lives, children, our senior citizens trapped like rats in third world assisted-living residents, small businesses, the economy, our first responders, etc. has been catastrophic yet here we are with the police still dishing verbal effluent like – “The leading principle is keeping the peace and public safety and in doing so, at times, must utilize discretion when it comes to immediate enforcement.”

Whatever happened to handcuffing and tossing into squad cars? Could there possibly be anyone in the crowd deserving of better? What am I missing?

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In Total Defiance of Stay At Home Orders, Niagara’s Covidiots Hold Rally in Niagara Falls Anyway

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“A Politician Thinks Of The Next Election. A Leader Thinks Of The Next Generation.” – Bernie Sanders


One response to “What Good Are Lockdown/Stay At Home Orders If They Have No Teeth?

  1. Linda McKellar

    Well said Carla. These rules must be enforced. Hit them BIG TIME and in the pocket book. Amazing how that gets their attention.
    I’ve been arguing on line with Covidiots about vaccines and messenger RNA. First, not all vaccines are based on mRNA. You have a choice.
    Secondly, they claim it is new and untested. It is not. Science has been studying this avenue at least since the 80’s since HIV and Ebola. AIDS is not the death sentence it once was and the viral load can be reduced to such a level as to be non transmissible. Any new disease has to studied before it can be controlled to any degree.
    Some people who claim it is “too new” don’t seem able to grasp the concept that new developments can build exponentially once the basis is established. Think of it this way. Just over 110 years ago the first flight was a few hundred feet in a flimsy wood and cloth contraption assisted by strong winds. Since then we have landed probes on planets and even on a moon of Saturn. THAT is called exponential progress. It builds on a sound base.
    Third, RNA is not magically absorbed into our own genome. It simply acts as a foreign substance that stimulates our own NATURAL immune response and it is much safer than immunity acquired by exposure to the disease vector itself. Even if you acquire immunity in that way, there are more long term effects of COVID being discovered even in asymptomatic or marginally symptomatic individuals. The fallacy that there is fetal tissue or some kind of technological mind control or tracking implant in a few cc’s of vaccine is beyond ludicrous.
    Some claim people who have been vaccinated have become ill with COVID and died. In the US the number of cases post vaccine are @5000 versus 32.5 MILLION in those not vaccinated. Some of those may have already had the virus asymptomatically before vaccination . Deaths have been SEVENTY FOUR among those vaccinated versus 565,000+ thus far. Is this rocket science? I’m no rocket scientist but can detect something vital in those statistics.
    Those who want their rights or to take their chances are endangering others since not everyone can be vaccinated for medical reasons and even in those vaccinated the immunity rate is not always 100%. Simply a biological fact. They are so selfish. They don’t give a damn.
    Others say they’re healthy. Healthy people have died too.
    I am seeing more and more “No More Lockdown” signs in my own neighbourhood and it sickens me. These people have several key factors in common. One is ignorance with blind belief in social media. It is easy to find quackery on line when you search only for that which suits your preconceived beliefs. Who are these “specialists”? Quacks.
    The other main factor I will leave unnamed. Guess.
    The question I always pose to such people is “Do you know anyone with polio or smallpox and if not why?” Sound of crickets.
    These fools are the modern “Typhoid Mary’s”, or even worse, the RATS that carried the bubonic plague. They must be so proud of their ignorance.


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