In Total Defiance of Stay At Home Orders, Niagara’s Covidiots Hold Rally in Niagara Falls Anyway

Never Mind Harassing the Rest of Us for Driving to a Grocery Store – Throw the Book At These Reckless, Irresponsible Morons

A Brief Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted April 18th, 2021 on Niagara At Large

Niagara, Ontario – Well here we go again.

Just  one week after they got off the clown buses to rally call COVID-19 a “hoax” and rally against vaccines as “biological warfare” and calling mask-wearing “bullshit,” hundreds of them were in Niagara Falls, Ontario this weekend, using city lands and Niagara Parks lands near the Horseshoe Falls, to peddle this dangerous, Trumpie, Qanon garbage again.

In St. Catharines last week, on Saturday, April 10th to be precise, close to a thousand or more of these self-anointed soldiers for our liberties and freedoms rallied together in chants of “Freedom” and “No More Lockdowns,” and calls that wearing a mask is “bullshit” and taking a vaccine to protect ourselves again a pandemic that has destroyed way too many lives here and around the world is akin to “biological warfare.”

So here we are this weekend of April 17th and 18th, when our dumb-ass of an Ontario premier had to finally walk a little bit back on his order to police that they should be able to pull any of us over our cares, arbitrarily, for going out for groceries, and hundreds of these Covidiots are at it again.

Consider this.

You and I and most of the rest of us who are trying to be responsible.

And now, under the current Ford government orders, we can’t even go out hiking or picnicking with our friends or with people other than those in our immediate family, without possibly facing a fine arournd those  Stay-At-Home orders of at least $880.

Yet these selfish, irresponsible people go out and hold these dumb-ass, Trumpie rallies anyway.

In news video of the rally in Niagara Falls, Ontario this past Saturday, April 17th, one can view Niagara Regional Police cars there. Sorry to say that although some of this rallying occurred on Ontario’s Niagara Parks Commission lands, there were no visible signs of Niagara Parks police vehicles there.

Like the St. Catharines rally on April 10th, where some on the premier wackos in that rally like West Lincoln Mayor David Bylsma, Thorold City Councillor Jim Handley and former St. Catharines regional councillor Andy Petrowski, were among those finally slapped with charges, there will be charges slapped against these people.

I am sure that the last thing many of us want to hear is that a group of friends who held a picnic together somewhere else in Niagara were issued fines while this gathering of screwballs, just because they happened to be doing their thing in the jurisdictions of Tory hacks like Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati and Niagara Parks Commission Chair Sandie Bellows and Co-Chair April Jeffs, got off.

I trust that our law-enforcement agencies will nail these irresponsible idiots to the wall.

  • Doug Draper, Niagara At Large

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One response to “In Total Defiance of Stay At Home Orders, Niagara’s Covidiots Hold Rally in Niagara Falls Anyway

  1. The people that believe in no freedom of speech are the idiot/morons. There is no proof that masking, staying at home or distancing stop the spread. The places that have opened have had a large decline in cases whereas the areas with tougher measures show an increase in spread, You idiotic morons that believe differently need to do some research. If you don’t like the terms used in this comment, stop using them against other people that disagree with you.


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