Niagara’s Vaccine Roll-Out is a Mess, To Say the Least

Some Niagara Residents Feel Forced – During a ‘Stay-At-Home’ Order, For God’s Sake – to Leave the Region to Get Their First Shot

A Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted April 9th, 2021 on Niagara At Large

Ontario Premier Doug Ford, getting his first shot of vaccine (this one the rather worrisome AstraZeneca, at a pharmacy store in Etobicoke, Ontario this April 9th. Wonder if he will have to wait three or four months to get the second dose?

Niagara, Ontario – To say that the roll-out for COVID-19 vaccinations is messy in Niagara is, I can assure you, a polite way of putting it.

I have heard it described in words that are far worse and not ready for prime time or we want to go around keeping discourse relatively civil on this online news and commentary site.

Let me begin by saying that Niagara At Large, like other media, has been receiving news releases from the Ontario government and Niagara health care bodies for a couple of weeks now, informing that COVID-19 vaccination centres are opening at various locations across our region.

Yet, I have heard from many fellow Niagara residents that they have had a hell of a time getting appointments at these vaccination because, even when they can get through with a phone call or the online site they are attempting to register is operative, the centres are completely booked.

While we are struggling to get a booking to receive this, new, more infectious and dangerous strains of the virus are multiplying every week.

I have heard from people who have simply given up and decided to drive all the way to a centre in Toronto to get their first shot. Just this past April 8th, a Niagara resident who attempted to go online to book an appointment for her and her spouse, was told that the nearest available centre was located in Hamilton, and there was only an opening for one closer to the end of this month.

So here we are, facing down  a particularly dangerous Third Wave with this pandemic – one in which our Ontario government just issued a stay-at-home order and province-wide lockdown on most “non-essential businesses and people in Niagara are being directed to vaccination clincs in Hamilton and Toronto.

For those who have been fortunate enough to receive a vaccine after standing in that cattle-line at an arena in St. Catharines or elsewhere in Niagara, most often they have received the Pfizer vaccine and have been told they won’t be getting their second dose for three or four months – even while the Pfizer producer and leading infectious disease scientists like Dr. Anthony Fauci in the United States continue to insist that the second dose should be administered in 21 days.

Twenty-one days is the gap of time that the Pfizer vaccine was successfully tested for. Three or four months, in the absence of sound science, is the time at least some of our politicians in Canada have decided on due to a shortage of vaccines in our country – and just so they can boast about getting a shot in so many peoples’ arms.

Forgive me if I don’t want to be a human guinea pig in an experiment devised by politicians.

He’s doing such a good job, isn’t he?

To hell with that, I will not take a vaccine in this country until its administration is in line with the science it was tested and approved around.

Who knows, maybe if the Canada/U.S. border opens later this spring or summer, I can get it down properly over there. I know people in the Buffalo. New York who have gone to a Wegman’s grocery store and have already had both shots, administered in the proper period of time.

You almost wouldn’t know what a deadly health emergency we are struggling through given the way vaccines are being rolled out here

It’s outrageous. What a mess.

  • Doug Draper, Niagara At Large

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