Niagara West MPP Insists That Paid Sick Leave for Employees in There for the Asking

Oosterhoff Points to Agreement Paid for by Taxpayers Rather than Through Private-Sector Employer-Employee Agreements

(A Brief Foreword Note from Doug Draper At Niagara At Large – The Issue Is;Why Won’t Employers Offer Their Employees Paid Sick Leave Rather Than Placing Employees in the Position of Coming To Work Sick So As Not To Lose Much-Needed Income.?)

A Statement from Niagara West MPP and Ontario Ford Conservative Government Representative Sam Oosterhoff

Posted April 9th, 2021 on Niagara At Large

Niagara West MPP and Ontario Ford Government representative Sam Oosterhoff says you have paid sick days now.

“When championing the Safe Restart Agreement our government has been clear: the federal government would provide funding for paid sick days and the provinces would implement job leave protection. This is exactly what happened.

As the federal government has said, this agreement provides workers with paid sick leave, so they do not have to choose between going to work and putting food on the table.

“That is why the first piece of legislation we tabled during the pandemic – which passed with unanimous support from all parties- was an amendment to the Employment Standards Act to give workers unlimited job protection<>.

“This legislation ensures those who stay home to self-isolate or care for loved ones will not be fired. It will remain in place as long as necessary and includes protection for those who are caring for children, when schools or daycares are closed due to COVID-19.

“Anyone in Ontario who is ill or needs to self-isolate has access to paid sick days. In addition, our government has been advocating on behalf of workers to ensure money is distributed faster, is easier to access, and is accessible to workers who need it multiple times or in shorter units.

“We thank the federal government for listening to the concerns we have raised- getting the average payment time down to 3-5 days and, recently, doubling the claim period from two to four weeks. We will continue to work with them to maximize this program.”

To learn more about the Safe Restart Agreement, click on – .

To read another recent post on Niagara At Large that includes calls from numerous worker groups, urging the Ford government Niagara West MPP is a member of to support paid sick day plans from Ontario employers, click on – .

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One response to “Niagara West MPP Insists That Paid Sick Leave for Employees in There for the Asking

  1. Again Premier “Wile E. Coyote” and his puppet “No Mask” are trying to repeat their practice of absolving themselves by blaming others: “We have done our job; it is the other government that is creating the problem”. Premier Wile E. Coyote took paid sick days away and refuses to reinstate them on the excuse the federal government will eventually pay the employees. Federal money may eventually arrive but what do the employees do for money in the meantime? The Premier must reinstate the provincial paid sick days he took away.
    To try to save face the Premier followed the direction of a few school boards and approved the opportunity for educators to have the opportunity to be vaccinated.
    Before he can declare schools to be “a safe place” the Premier must do something that he should have started last April 2-020 _ not two weeks before schools opened in September. The Premier must address the ventilation system in the schools. Schools must be equipped with either portable HEPA filter ventilators in the rooms or the school ventilator system be adjusted to taking in fresh air not recycled indoor air. It is time the Premier of Ontario take the role of “A Doer” rather than continue as Wylie E. Coyote.


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