Join 2018 Garden Walk Buffalo Now

‘Share your garden and show your pride in our neighborhoods and city.’

A Call-Out to Buffalo area gardeners from the volunteers at Garden Walk Buffalo

Posted March 5th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

In the backyard of a home during the 2017 Garden Walk in Buffalo. File photo by Doug Draper

(A Brief Foreword from Niagara At Large – When so many of us have had more than enough of the winter cold and just want it to start getting warmer and greener outside, it is nice to get this call-out from an organization that hosts one of the nicest and most popular summer events of the year in our greater Niagara region. Here is a one for all of our Buffalo area friends and readers.)

Buffalo, New York – Garden Walk Buffalo invites gardeners from the Peace Bridge to Main Street and from Canalside to the Scajaquada to be part of the 2018 Garden Walk Buffalo, to be held Saturday and Sunday, July 28 and 29 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Share your garden and show your pride in our neighborhoods and city.

Garden Walk Buffalo hosts the largest free garden tour in the country with 60,000+ visitors coming from all over the states, Canada, and even further abroad. It has an estimated economic impact of $4.5 million.

There is no contest and no prizes – the objective of the Walk has always been to encourage neighbourhood beautification and to promote community pride. Just fill out the registration form and your garden can become part of this wonderful event.

Your garden does not need to be perfect; no one’s ever is.

Gardens range from large properties to a few square feet – but that is okay – it is the diversity that makes this event a success. When you fill out the registration form, you decide how much access to give visitors. If you only want people to see your front garden, that is up to you. You simply indicate that and mark the box on the lawn sign that will be provided to you. 

Enter by May 14, 2018

Enter online at  or if a mailed, paper registration forms is preferred, a printable .pdf registration form can be found there.

Garden Walk Buffalo, the largest garden tour in the U.S., is held the last weekend of July each year. In 2018, the free event will be Saturday and Sunday, July 28 and 29, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. In 2017, more than 400 residences and businesses throughout the west side of Buffalo opened their creative urban gardens for tens of thousands of visitors from around the U.S., Canada, and abroad.

More information can also be found at   

A backyard pond at Garden Walk Buffalo. File photo by Doug Draper

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