Canada’s National Heritage Magazine Features Historic Buildings In Thorold Ontario

A Brief Notice from Pamela Minns, Heritage Thorold

Posted March 8th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

National Trust for Canada (formerly Heritage Canada) publishes a magazine six times a year entitled “Heritage”.

The historic 'Old Fire Hall', circa 1878, in the Niagara, Ontario City of Thorold getting Canada-wide exposure

The historic ‘Old Fire Hall’, circa 1878, in the Niagara, Ontario City of Thorold getting Canada-wide exposure

This magazine goes clear across Canada and it is at the top of the list when it comes to quality and news about Canada’s heritage.

Their next issue will include a story and photographs of Thorold’s downtown business area, with special emphasis on “The Post Office”-Dominion Government Building (former Post Office) on 18 Front St. North, opened in 1936 and designated a heritage site in 2002, and “The Old Fire Hall”.on 12 Albert St. West, opened in 1878 and designated a heritage site in 1989.

This is important for the City of Thorold in Niagara, Ontario and will serve to set an example to other communities across the country about what can be done to revitalize a downtown and, as well, it will attract visitors and tourists to our City.

Please look for this article. If you are a member of National Trust for Canada you will be receiving this magazine. If you are not a member, I am sure that copies could be obtained through them.

thorld post office plaque

For more information on National Trust for Canada and Heritage Magazine and how to subscribe to it click on .

Pamela Minns is Secretary-Treasurer for Heritage Thorold LACAC and a respected advocate for heritage preservation across Niagara and other regions of Ontario.

A Postscript from Niagara At Large publisher Doug Draper – Congratulations to Heritage Thorold, successive municipal councils and to long-time Thorold downtown businesses – local and independently owned – like Henderson’s Pharmacy and Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre that never stopped believing there is a future for town and city centres and backed up their belief by investing their own money in their renewal.

Thorold’s downtown area is beginning to prosper again because of the heritage preservation efforts made there and one can only hope that other communities will take notice and work harder to preserve the historical and architectural treasures they have rather than knock them down to put up another soulless glass and cinder-block box.

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One response to “Canada’s National Heritage Magazine Features Historic Buildings In Thorold Ontario

  1. Gail Benjafield

    I am so impressed with the work that Thorold, its city planner, and the folks who volunteer for Thorold L.A.C.A.C. have managed. The downtown is now a place many choose to visit with its lively shops and restaurants. The heritage recognition plaques on many commercial buildings and residences is noteworthy.

    A friend of mine who lives, as do I, in St. Catharines, love to go to Thorold to enjoy its ambience and to spend time in the shops and restaurants.


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