In Memory of Cecil The Lion – Sign A Petition To Better Protect All The Great Creatures On Our Planet

A Plea from the International online activist group Avaaz 

An American dentist has made headlines for brutally shooting down a gentle lion named Cecil.

Cecil having a moment with one of his cubs

Cecil having a moment with one of his cubs

 But his despicable act has given us a fleeting opportunity to save the world’s lions.

Wealthy Americans and Europeans like him go to Africa and pay to hunt lions and other exotic animals for sport, and send their trophies home.
If all of us act right now we can get the US and Europe to ban the import of trophies when they threaten the survival of these majestic animals. Continue reading

Landmark Legal Decision Protects Public Access To Beaches Along Lake Michigan Shores

News from the American-based public interest group Alliance for the Great Lakes

(A Brief Note to this from Niagara At Large publisher – Former Ontario Liberal MPP for Niagara Falls and now councillor in that city put at least two if not three private member’s bills on the floor of the provincial legislature, calling for public access to the waterlines of beaches along our Great Lakes, but then premier Dalton McGuinty, along with the leaders and members of the other two mainstream parties, the Conservatives and NDP, didn’t give a fig.

How interesting that in the United States, a country usually far more protective of private property rights than Canada, continues to rule in favour of shoreline/beach access for the public, not only in the Lake Michigan area, but in other regions like Massachusetts, etc.)

This fence, installed by private homeowners right down to the waterline of Lake Erie in Fort Erie, Ontario, says to public beach walkers; 'Do your walking somewhere else.'

This fence, installed by private homeowners right down to the waterline of Lake Erie in Fort Erie, Ontario, is a way of sayingto public beach walkers; ‘Do your walking somewhere else.’

Chicago, Illinois, July 29th, 2015- TheAlliance for the Great Lakes, along with Save the Dunes, the state of Indiana and Long Beach Community Alliance, have prevailed in landmark litigation that upholds Indiana’s public trust protections — including the public’s right to recreate on its portion of the Lake Michigan shoreline.

Indiana has long recognized and endorsed the public trust doctrine as applied to its water bodies. Under this doctrine, the state of Indiana holds title to the shore of Lake Michigan below the ordinary high-water mark in trust for the public to enjoy for recreation and other uses. Continue reading

Cecil The Lion’s Killer Deserves The Death Penalty

A Brief Commentary by Doug Draper

Just when the world was celebrating the successful efforts of one small group of humans to rescue a whale trapped on the rocky shoreline shoals of British Columbia earlier this month, there is this disgusting story.

Cecil the lion, blown away by a so-called 'trophy hunter' just for the friggin fun of it.

Cecil the lion, blown away by a so-called ‘trophy hunter’ just for the friggin fun of it.

I am talking about the story reported late this July, 2015 about some asshole dentist, identified as Walter Palmer from Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A, working with a team of fellow ‘trophy hunters’ to lure a lion out of a wildlife sanctuary in Zimbabwe, Africa and blow it away.

And it was not just any lion that this tooth doctor drilled a a fatal arrow through. This lion was an iconic feline named Cecil – one of the most famous lions in the world and one that countless people travelled from abroad to catch even one fleeting glimpse of during a tour through the sanctuary. Continue reading

Weak Tactics, Stupidity, And Corporate Lies Cloud Seriousness Of Climate Change For Canadians

By Nick Fillmore

In addition to the staging of the PanAm Games, Toronto was the location of some unusually high profile activities in recent days that were supposed to increase the efforts to tackle climate change.justice_climate

The events raised some important questions: How effective are efforts to slow the increase of carbon emissions into the atmosphere, do Canadians agree on the extent of damage to our environment, and what do scientists say in their most recent reports about the degree of the threat? Continue reading

Aristocrat’s 9,000-Bead Fancy Dress Recreated For Riverbrink Art Museum Fundraiser

News from Niagara, Ontario’s Riverbrink Museum

Italy’s scandalous and extravagant Marchesa di Casati known throughout Europe for her bizarre behavior and outrageous wardrobe, held lavish balls for which she had designed extraordinary costumes.riverbrink

One such costume was the famous Fountain Dress, now re-created by costumier, Pam Mundy, for the RiverBrink Art Museum Gala Fundraiser “Primarily Porter” which is being held at Konzelmann’s Estate Winery on Monday, August 3rd.

This special evening will start with canapes and sparkling wine on the lawns of Konzelmann Estate Winery at the edge of Lake Ontario. Continue reading

Remembering A Time Before Conservative Party Politics In Canada Turned Dark And Ugly

A Brief Comment from Niagara At Large publisher Doug Draper

The passing of Flora MacDonald at age 89 this July 26th is another reminder of what an ugly turn Canada’s Conservative Party has taken since the years she served it, all too many years ago, as a true voice for human compassion and justice.

The late, great Canadian Conservative Party icon Flora MacDonald

The late, great Canadian Conservative Party icon Flora MacDonald

Flora MacDonald, who was shattering glass ceilings for women in politics through her years as a leading member of the Conservative Party from the John Diefenbaker and through the Joe Clark years in the late 1970s/early 1980s, was also the first woman to run for the leadership of one of Canada’s three major parties, losing in 1976 to Clark, who is scheduled to deliver the eulogy at her funeral. Continue reading

Stephen Harper Says “No” to Helping Ontarians Save for Retirement

–        Harper’s Attack on the ORPP an Attempt to Kill a Made-in-Ontario Solution for a Secure Retirement

News from Ontario Liberal Cabinet Minister and St. Catharines MPP Jim Bradley, July 27th, 2015 – Stephen Harper’s refusal to help hard-working Ontarians build a secure retirement is a new low for a Prime Minister known for playing politics and ignoring evidence.

St. Catharines Liberal MPP and Ontario cabinet minister Jim Bradley.

St. Catharines Liberal MPP and Ontario cabinet minister Jim Bradley.

 Last week, the Harper government publicly refused to cooperate with Ontario to create a provincial savings plan – the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP) – despite knowing that many Canadians need help saving for a secure retirement and warnings from experts that people are not saving enough.

“Stephen Harper should be helping hard-working Ontarians save for retirement instead of attempting to obstruct our plan to ensure every person in the province can retire securely,” said Jim Bradley, MPP for St. Catharines. “It’s one thing to disagree or debate, but voters expect cooperation among governments on matters as serious as saving enough money to live on once you leave the workforce.” Continue reading