Farewell To Waverly Woods in Fort Erie, Ontario. It’s Been Good to Know You

“They Paved Paradise, Put Up a Parking Lot.”                     – Joni Mitchell

Waverly Woods – Almost All of  this Natural Haven,  Gone Forever. How Tragic That Is For Present and Future Generations, To See You Go


A Brief Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted February 23rd, 2023 on Niagara At Large

Waverly Woods last fall, the last time I saw it. Photo by Doug Draper

I’m sorry to say that I only got to know Waverly Woods, along the Ontario shores of Lake Erie where the waters of the Great Lakes enter the Niagara River about four or five years ago.

Hiking and biking through Waverly Woods became even more popular during the pandemic as people grew to appreciate these natural places even more. Not so the developers and their pals in government. Photo by Doug Draperies

A life-long resident of Niagara, I lost interest in visiting the Town of Fort Erie where this wonderful wooded area was located after the iconic Crystal Beach Amusement Park was closed many years ago and transformed into a gated community, and after it became ever more clear that shoreline residents did not want riffraff like me walking the beaches.

But there still were a few nice places left like Waverly Woods that local citizens, including those who are members of a group called Community Voices of Fort Erie, fought so hard to save.

Now, thanks to the pirates in the development industry, and to too many politicians at all levels of government who don’t have the will to fight for what is left of our natural heritage, much of this place is forever gone.

High-end residential units – no talk that I have heard of about affordable housing going here, despite the B.S. dished out by Ontario’s fort government – will cover the better part of this place that so many people I met there came to love even more as a natural haven during the pandemic.

Here is what much of Waverly Woods looks like now. It is Doug Ford’s idea of “Building Ontario” and too many of our politicians at the municipal level seem to be going along with it. What a legacy they are leaving our children and grandchildren.

Places like this also serve as a home to a diversity of life and as places that serve as natural buffers during this era of climate crisis and the destructive storms it delivers.

That seems of little concern to members of Ontario’s development syndicate and to far too many politicians at all levels of government who don’t really seem to give enough of a shit about protecting and preserving places likethis.

So here we are saying goodbye forever to most of Waverly Woods. And what natural heritage place will go next in Niagara?

To read a related story on this issue, click on https://niagaraatlarge.com/2022/05/13/settlement-has-been-reached-in-waverly-woods-development-plans-in-fort-erie/ .

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6 responses to “Farewell To Waverly Woods in Fort Erie, Ontario. It’s Been Good to Know You

  1. ☹😭😩😡
    No words.


  2. Thank you, Doug, for saying what so many feel!


  3. I saw my first ever Red-headed Woodpecker there with my Mom. How sad that future families will not be able to share the same types of experiences there.


  4. You express similar feelings that I have about the loss of precious pieces of natural heritage places. Waverly Woods is a huge loss and asking to save it – truly was about asking to protect a small space – it was a small ask from the community. All those people who fought tirelessly to save must be hurting a lot …. But their efforts are appreciated. So sad. We need people to really think about the future!


  5. Unforgiveable crime against humanity and nature.


  6. All the politicians and developers who continue to tramp over the majority of taxpayers wanting to preserve precious green spaces always seem to have the upper hand/ But two things. First they are killing the planet and taking all of us sheep with them. And secondly , they will soon be long forgotten but their stinking destruction will remain forever. Heartless!


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