Ford Government Confirms “Cruel Scheme” To Bill Hundreds A Day, Send Seniors Hours Away

Ontario’s NDP Responds To Disturbing New Details Of Legislation Forcing People Into Long-Term Care

Posted September 15th, 2022 on Niagara At Large

Where to next for this Ontario senior? It looks like ‘Big Brother’ at Queen’s Park will decide.

QUEEN’S PARK — On Wednesday (September 14th. 2022)  the Doug Ford government confirmed Bill 7 will force people into long-term care homes they didn’t choose as far as 150 kilometres away, and require hospitals to charge families $400 a day if a senior doesn’t want to move there.

NDP Health Care critic France Gélinas and NDP Long-Term Care critic (Niagara Falls MPP) Wayne Gates released the following statement in response:

“Now we know that Doug Ford’s government will require all hospitals to bill all families ready for long-term care a whopping $400 a day — or wave goodbye to their loved ones and watch helplessly as they are ordered to move hours away. Removing frail elderly people from their loved ones and essential caregivers is horrifying, and will cause seniors’ health and well-being to go downhill fast.

“Imagine having to drive two hours to kiss your wife goodnight. Imagine the guilt of knowing you can’t afford to pay $400 a day to keep your dad in hospital, and having to put him in a for-profit long-term care home with a devastating record and disgusting living conditions.

“These seniors do not have doctors and nurses assigned to them when they’re in hospital. Forcing them to move will not ease our health care staffing crisis one bit. What we should be doing is addressing the staffing crisis at the heart of our health care crisis, not playing a cruel game of musical chairs that kicks seniors and people with disabilities out of hospital beds.”

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2 responses to “Ford Government Confirms “Cruel Scheme” To Bill Hundreds A Day, Send Seniors Hours Away

  1. I don’t know how Doug Ford and his developer friends are going to fill all these LTC facilities that they are building without pushing folks out of the doors of hospitals. This is what senior care looks like under a Conservative majority! It’s not a surprise to anyone who bothered to listen during our last election. I hope Ontarians who voted for Ford are happy.


  2. Everybody criticizing private health care provide all the evidence identifying the Spade at work in Canada, but never calls the spade a spade outright. The spade is – there are Americans and pro-Americans INSIDE Canada’s Public Health Care System ruining it for the past 30 years to bring about American Privatization of it from the INSIDE. Its gone so far now there’s only one way to stop it. Get rid of the perpetrators. There are over 3 million dual-citizen and non-dual Americans plus their co-horts in Canada who own control and run Canada doing the same thing to the whole country to achieve total Americanization of Canada to our country’s ultimate demise. That’s the Spade we have to proclaim loudly and rise up collectively to stop.


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