Niagara Seeking Volunteers for new Community Emergency Response Team

Applications Open Now Thru Feb. 25th for Community Emergency Response Team Volunteers

A News Release from Nagara’s Regional Government

Posted February 5th, 2022 on Niagara At Large

Niagara Region is searching for volunteers from across Niagara to join a newly minted Community Emergency Response Team.

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a group of trained, certified volunteers who help their community in a time of disaster or crisis.

Having an emergency response team in place helps increase Niagara’s safety and resiliency, and is a critical part of emergency response employed by communities throughout North America.

The team is trained to provide a personnel surge in the aftermath of a variety of disasters.

Common ways members can provide support during or after an emergency include:

  • Immediate first aid and rescue around their homes post-disaster
  • Helping with disaster relief efforts
  • Distribution of emergency supplies
  • Assisting with annual emergency exercises

You can find out if you’re eligible and volunteer to join the Community Emergency Response Team by applying online.

If you join the team, you will receive free, mandatory training to prepare you for your role.

Applications are open until Feb. 25.

All volunteers must complete an on-boarding and orientation training program, as well as two training session each year to review and practice their skills as well as introduce new topics. Members will also be invited to participate in various emergency exercises and events throughout the year.

Niagara Region is grateful for the broad community support that has made the creation of the team possible. Financial contributions from the Enbridge Fueling Futures Fund and the Niagara Community Foundation’s David S. Howes Fund have been critical in getting the program up and running. Other partners, including the Fort Erie Fire Department and Niagara College, will bring the facilities and expertise needed to train volunteers in their new role.

Following the application process, team members will be selected and will begin their orientation and training in the Spring of 2022. 

Niagara Region gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Niagara Community Foundation. The Foundation builds permanently endowed charitable funds and provides grants to eligible charitable organizations in culture, health, education, environment, recreation and social service sectors.


Niagara EMS Chief Kevin Smith

“Community Emergency Response Teams are quickly becoming an important tool as communities prepare to respond to disasters or crises. Having trained, competent volunteers at the ready will help allow Niagara to quickly mobilize all its assets when an emergency strikes, and will also build awareness of the importance of emergency preparedness within our community. The key element to this initiative is our community – both in support of the program and in being actively involved. I encourage everyone who is interested to apply, and I look forward to the value this team will bring to our community.”
~ Niagara EMS Chief Kevin Smith

“The Niagara Community Foundation is proud to be one of the funding partners of the Niagara Region’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). As we have learned through the trials and tribulations of the Covid-19 pandemic, preparation for emergencies or disasters to respond to the needs of our community is crucial. We know that these funds from our David S. Howes Fund will have a significant impact in providing invaluable training to the Region’s CERT volunteers so they will be ready when they are called into action to help our community”
~ Niagara Community Foundation Executive Director Bryan Rose

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