Niagara Region’s Council Docks Bylsma Week’s Pay for “Alarmingly Invasive” Conduct

West Lincoln Mayor & Regional Councillor David Bylsma Calls Integrity Commissioner Ruling Against Him “Biased” and “Flawed”

A Brief News Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted October 22nd, 2021 on Niagara At Large

West Lincoln Mayor and Niagara Regional Councillor Dave Bylsma pays a bit of a price for using social media to ask about the status of a young woman’s menstrual cycle in the wake of her taking the COVID vaccine

Following through on Niagara Region’s interim integrity commissioner Michael Maynard’s recent report, recommending that David Bylsma be docked seven days of the pay he gets for serving on the council for using social media earlier this year to ask a young woman in the region if taking the COVID vaccine has interfered in some way with her menstrual cycle seems like a no brainer.

So that is exactly what the Region’s council voted to do this October 21st when the recommendation was placed on the table.

For his party, Bylsma argued that at the time he used Facebook to make the inquiry to Niagara resident Emily Spanton about the status of her menstrual cycle in the wake of taking the vaccine there was all kinds of information circulating around on Facebook and other venues about negative impacts the vaccine might be having on a woman’s reproductive system.

St. Catharines Mayor and Regional Council Walter Sendzik followed up to say that a detailed report in the highly respected New England Journal of Medicine concluded that there is little or no evidence to back up such claims which have largely been spun by Trump-like groups who get high on conspiracy theories.

David Bylsma’s “alarmingly invasive” social media message to a young Niagara woman about her

Then Thorold Regional Councillor Tim Whelan asked a question to the Region’s staff of particular interest – how much did the integrity commissioner report triggered by Bylsma’s boneheaded conduct cost taxpayers.

The answer is $7,500 which adds up to one hell of a lot more than the roughly 600 bucks Bylsma will lose in pay as a regional councillor.

It is just too bad Whelan or others on the Region’s council didn’t follow up the answer to that question with a recommendation that Bylsma also be charged with the cost of the integrity commissioner’s review and report.

After all, at a time when residents across Niagara need their municipal leaders focusing on a host of real challenges we face, who needs wholesale nonsense like this.

Hopefully, Bylsma will pay the ultimate price in politics in the fall of next year, in the municipal elections.

To read a more detailed news commentary Niagara At Large posted earlier this week on this disgraceful matter, click on –

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