Federal NDP Leader  Denounces Trudeau’s Climate Failure, Commits To Eliminate Subsidies To Big Oil

“Justin Trudeau says the right things about climate change. But instead of actually acting on his promises, he’s protecting big polluters and letting fossil fuel subsidies go up. We can’t afford to wait any longer. It’s time to stand up to big polluters and fight for real climate action.”                                                                            – Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh

News from the Campaign of Canada’s NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh

Posted August 24th, 2021 on Niagara At Large

Canadian NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh

MONTREAL, Quebec  – Joined by young people who participated in the 2019 climate march (in Montreal), NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh called out Justin Trudeau for making a speech at the march two years ago, but making decisions since then that have increased Canada’s emissions and made the climate emergency even worse.

“It’s never been clearer we’re facing a climate emergency,” said Jagmeet. “Justin Trudeau went to the climate march in 2019, said nice things and then abandoned his promises to young people in favour of helping Big Oil. We can’t afford another four years of Justin Trudeau.”

Jagmeet also pointed out Justin Trudeau’s record of failure to address the climate crisis. He promised to eliminate subsidies to Big Oil, but has instead increased them to levels higher than when the Conservatives were in government.

During his time as Prime Minister, Trudeau has made Canada the only G7 country to have increased its emissions. Canada has become the third biggest air polluter in the OECD. Recently, his government tried to trick Canadians that buying a pipeline will help lower emissions.

Jagmeet committed to identifying and eliminating harmful subsidies given to oil and gas companies and reallocating them to the clean, renewable energy sector instead. He committed to cutting Canada’s emissions by more than half by the year 2030 with projects like electrifying public transit.

Even as the list of climate-related disasters in Canada has grown, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberals have continued shovellng billions of tax dollars in subsidies and infrastructure work into the ultra-filthy tar sands operations.

He also pledged $500 million in funding to support Indigenous-led stewardship programs to advance reconciliation and protect the land, water and forests, including old growth.

“Time is running out and we need to make different choices; better choices for all of us. I want to be able to tell my child that I have done everything in my power to make a difference,” said Jagmeet.

“I want to fight the climate emergency for real. People deserve better than a government that says things with no intention of following though. It’s about choices. We can choose to subsidize clean, renewable energy instead of Big Oil.

Trudeau’s empty promises on climate change

In 2019, Justin Trudeau walked in the historic Montreal climate march and promised to act on climate change. And back in 2015, he promised to phase out fossil fuel subsidies.

But under Trudeau, yearly fossil fuel subsidies are up $900 million on average compared to the Conservatives. That’s not counting the $18 billion he’ll spend on the Trans Mountain pipeline.
And Canada’s emissions continue to go up.

A Brief Afterword from Doug Draper at Niagara At Large – 

With all of the chaos and madness going on in the world today, some of the most important news – news that we must continue to focus on for the sake of our survival – gets buried and forgotten within a matter of days.

On that score, it was only two weeks ago that the United Nations and a team of scientists from around the world came out with a blistering report – a report that issued a “Code Red Warning” to humanity on climate change.

That report is a vital call for action to all of us that has been all but buried in Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s triggering of an unnecessary federal election, the heart-wrenching events occurring in Afghanistan and so much else.

The United Nation’s Code Red warning zeroes right in on the costly, climate related destruction we hare facing in Canada and other parts of the world right now – the wildfire, flooding, droughts, mudslides, etc. – and our future survival on this planet.

In this federal election, finally we have a leader of a major party – Jagmeet Singh of the NDP – promising to end subsidies to Big Oil. Trudeau and his Liberals have kept those subsidies up, and a majority of members in the federal Conservative Party do not believe human activities have anything to do with climate change.

In this federal election, Vote for Climate Action.

  • Doug Draper, Niagara At Large

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One response to “Federal NDP Leader  Denounces Trudeau’s Climate Failure, Commits To Eliminate Subsidies To Big Oil

  1. This is excellent…and I trust it means that Jagmeet will push BC’s NDP Premier, John Horgan, to stop his province’s huge subsidies to fracked gas/LNG.


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