No Vaccine Passports in Ontario? Why Not, Premier Ford?

Sign A Petition for Vaccine Passports in Ontario and Across all of Canada

A Call-Out for Vaccine Passports from Masks4Canada, a coalition of medical doctors, scientists and other groups of people across Canada

Posted August 13th, 2021 on Niagara at Large

Vaccine Passports are necessary in Canada to stop Covid-19

Masks4Canada started this petition to Federal and provincial leaders.

Dear Premiers of Canada, Prime Minister Trudeau, Dr. Theresa Tam, Hon. Patty Hajdu, Hon. provincial ministers of health, and municipal leaders across Canada,

As members of the medical science community in Canada, we would like to thank you for your ongoing guidance and leadership during this challenging chapter of our country’s history. There are so many difficult decisions to make, and we recognize your efforts in navigating all Canadians through these treacherous waters.

We wanted to take the opportunity to weigh in on the vaccine passport issue, which we understand has been a point of contention and a potentially divisive issue. Viewing with alarm the situation in Europe, the United States, and more recently, in Alberta and British Columbia, we wanted to offer our thoughts on the issue.

We believe that:

There is sufficient reason and public support to introduce a vaccine passport system, with enough established precedents abroad to do so.

Provisions can be made with testing to accommodate those who choose to remain unvaccinated. An unvaccinated person would show proof of a negative test within 48 hours to enter a non-essential indoor space

Essential indoor spaces, including grocery stores, pharmacies, medical facilities would be exempt from this requirement.

A vaccine passport system is essential for several reasons:

The rapid rise in cases worldwide due to the highly transmissible Delta variant;

New data demonstrating the lack of sterilizing immunity provided by Covid-19 vaccinations;

Children younger than 12 are wholly unprotected by vaccines and are vulnerable if uncontrolled spread of the virus occurs in Canada; and

The long-term effects of Covid-19 infection, even when mild, are unknown and could involve permanent disability.

This process is essential to preventing a fourth lockdown when cases balloon in the fall from a 4th wave among unvaccinated Canadians (20% of the >12 population). 

We are respectfully requesting that strong consideration be given to the recommendation of vaccine passports to help protect all Canadians.

Thank you for your consideration, Masks4Canada

To sign Masks4Canada’s petition for vaccine passports, click on –

About Masks4Canada – We are a grassroots volunteer group of physicians, media, data scientists, marketing specialists, technologists, lawyers, engineers, students, teachers, parents, and advocates. We provide expertise and time in advocating for our cause, and our initiative is based on scientific research.

Our mission is to inform and educate all levels of the Canadian government and the public about the critical role of masks and/or face coverings in reducing the transmission of COVID-19. Mandatory masking in high-risk settings, in addition to physical distancing and hand hygiene, will help save lives and the economy.

We do not sell masks or medical supplies. We do not endorse or partner with any for-profit companies or organizations, nor will we receive or ever receive any funding from a foundation, corporation, union, registered third party association, or political group.

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One response to “No Vaccine Passports in Ontario? Why Not, Premier Ford?

  1. It’s called pandering to clueless and selfish idiots. Political correctness gone awry. Can’t hurt someone’s (voter’s) feelings even in life and death circumstances.


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