At Long Last, Here Come the Vaccine Passports

With More Deadly Variants of COVID-19 in the Air, Why Should Fully Vaccinated People Have to Sit in the Same Restaurant or Movie Theatre as Vaccine Resisters?

A Brief Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted August 5th, 2021 on Niagara At Large

In the wake of what looks like a coming fourth wave – thanks in no small part to a more highly infectious Delta variant in the air and far too many people still resisting the vaccines – we had to know vaccine passports would be coming.

This August 5th, Quebec Premier François Legault announced that his province would be the first in Canada to implement a vaccine passport system, and you can bet all the money you’ve got in the bank that other provinces, like Ontario, won’t be very far behind.

“The system will allow the province to avoid the widespread closures that have marked its pandemic response to date,’ CBC News quoted the Quebec premier saying.

“People who made the effort to get their two doses should be able to live a somewhat normal life.” Legault said.

And let’s share some full-throated cheers for that.

A vaccine passport system in Ontario and elsewhere across the country could not come soon enough.

Those who are not yet fully vaccinated by choice – and at this point it is a willful choice – dig in their heels and declare, in so many ways, that they have their “rights” and are prepared to face the consequences.

Fine then. But those of us who have gone out of our way to take the vaccine and follow all the other health protection measures in a pandemic that, in a mere year and a half, has wiped out the lives of some 650,000 Canadians and Americans, have rights too.

Those rights should include being able to go  indoors, in a grocery store, a restaurant, a shopping mall, a movie theatre and other indoor  venues, and know that those around us have shown social responsibility and taken all the precautions too.

At the bottom of it is the right of those who have teamed together to protect not only themselves, but others  in the name of the common good, to live a safe and healthy life, away from those who choose to be l negligent.

So good for Quebec for leading the way on vaccine passports in Canada, and let’s hope that Ontario is not too far behind.

  • Doug Draper, Niagara At Large

To read a CBC report on Quebec’s decision to move to vaccine passports, click on

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2 responses to “At Long Last, Here Come the Vaccine Passports

  1. The sooner vaccine passports are implemented the better.


  2. Linda McKellar

    In the past they were necessary for travel to Africa, Asia and many parts of the world. It protects people there from whatever we might bring and our families and friends from whatever we might bring back. I don’t see why it’s a big deal. It’s just a piece of paper. I bet the indigenous peoples would have liked the invading Europeans to have had a smallpox passport.
    Instead of rewarding people who behave badly reward those who have common sense.
    Vaccine passports would also allow the economy to open back up safely, considering that is a gripe of so many people.
    Schools will be safer for kids. It should be mandatory for all health care workers and teachers. Don’t want it? Go get a job at a sewage treatment plant or laying hot asphalt on roads.
    I’m seeing too many People’s Party signs going up. Antivaxxers, anti lockdown (their behaviour is actually what has perpetuated lockdowns), freedom for THEM but not others and, concerning their stance on immigration, I would like to ask them when THEIR families came to Canada. I’m here now, close the door.
    It’s all about them and screw everyone else. That attitude is what is making civilization so uncivil.


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