If You Are A Doug Ford Cabinet Minister, To Hell with COVID Health Warnings

Do Whatever You Want While The Rest of Us Sacrifice!

Ontario’s Premier Cannot Give Minister Rod Phillips a Free Pass for Choosing to Leave the Country for a Vacation, While Instructing Ontarians To Stay Home

A News Release from Ontario’s NDP Official Opposition Party, with a Brief Foreword form Niagara At Large publisher Doug Draper

Posted December 30th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

A Brief Foreword by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper –

Ontario’s Finance Minister Rod Phillips, seen here with his dear leader Doug Ford behind him, sneaks off on a warm-climate vacation, while we, the rest of us suckers are on a province-wide lockdown.

So now we find out that Rod Phillips – this creep of an Ontario Finance Minister we have, courtesy of his moronic boss, the premier, Doug Ford – having tabled a hellish budget which, among other things, guts our province’s Conservation Authorities and further compromised the health of our environment for our children, sneaks off on a vacation to the Caribbean Islands during a province-wide lockdown where the rest of us sacrifice and suffer!

Sorry I am in so off a mood during this Holiday Season, but God damn these two-faced Doug Ford bastards!

It’s just fine with them to tell the rest of us to stay home and stare at “we are closed signs” at virtually every restaurant, store and public institution for at least the next four weeks. But hey, if they want to climb aboard a jet and sneak off on an –out-of-country vacation to warmer climates during an Ontario-wide walk down, that is just dandy.

Until or unless of course, they get caught in the media doing it, then our populist premier, Ford, turns around and says how “extremely unacceptable” the sneak-away trip is.

You will be hearing this from me many more times as we move closer to a 2022 Ontario election – these morally bankrupt creeps in this Ford government, so awful for our environment, for addressing climate change and for genially caring about the common good of Ontario people, have got to go!

Why should a big shot in the Ford government like the finance minister, Rod Phillips, heed the same warnings the rest of us are being asked to respect?

Now here is the News Release from Ontario’s NDP Official Opposition Party on this latest incident of Ford government hypocrisy –

Ford Needs To Have Consequences for Jet-Set Finance Minister Rod Phillips – NDP

Ontario NDP Deputy Leader Sara Singh says Doug Ford cannot give Finance Minister Rod Phillips a free pass for his choice to leave the country for a vacation in December, while instructing everyone else to stay inside their home.

“Doug Ford let (Niagara West MPP) Sam Oosterhoff off the hook when he held a big family shindig. Ford let himself off the hook for gathering with family when he told the rest of us we can’t. These guys just think the rules don’t apply to them,” said Singh.

To hell with you, Oosterhoff and company reportedly told the staff at the long-time popular Betty’s Restaurant in  Niagara Falls, Ontario restaurant in so many words, earlier this fall of 2020 they were were asked to follow the COVID-19 health rules.. We are not wearing masks. .Here is a group photo at the restaurant – mask-less and no social distancing here,with. Niagara West MPP Sam Oosterhoff  identified in the circle in the upper left-hand corner of the photo. Imagine the arrogance of this while the rest of us are being told by this same Ford government to wear masks and social distance.

“Everyday folks were separated from their aging parents during the holidays. They’ve missed the birthdays and graduations of people who are precious to them, and they have been separated from nieces, nephews and grandbabies as they’ve grown and hit new milestones over the last year. While the rest of us ache to hug our loved ones again, Doug Ford insiders are whooping it up, even vacationing in the tropics.”

Conquer COVID-19? Yeah, right. As long as you and your well-placed political and corporate pals aren’t the ones who make the sacrifice.

Phillips claims in a statement to have left soon after Dec. 8, when Ford adjourned the legislature. On Dec. 11 he tweeted about his visits “today” to local businesses. On Dec. 15 he attended a funding announcement in Durham.

On Dec. 18 Phillips tweeted photos of himself visiting a local business, which he says were taken the previous weekend. On Christmas Eve he tweeted that “we all make sacrifices this #Christmas. According to multiple media reports, Phillips is still outside the country.

To read a CBC report on this issue, click on – https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/toronto-ontario-rod-phillips-travel-covid-19-1.5856551 .

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2 responses to “If You Are A Doug Ford Cabinet Minister, To Hell with COVID Health Warnings

  1. Utterly repulsive, especially when you also consider the apparent lengths he went to as he attempted to hide his absence by releasing photos from events which occurred a week before he left. I’ve often been confused by the public’s willingness to heap praise on Ford and his government for at least saying the situation was serious and recommending the public follow health officials’ advice, but again and again, from the actions of the anti-science Oosterhoff, to the delays in implementing necessary lockdowns, to the delays in launching a vaccination program in Ontario, and now to the vacation decisions of senior members of this government, it has become more and more apparent the rain of death that’s fallen on our seniors’ facilities – the ones whose protections were weakened by this same government shortly before the pandemic’s arrival, is no unhappy coincidence.


  2. Will DoFo call him a yahoo? Will he be described as a few fries short of a Happy Meal? Will he hear the hectoring tones of “C’mon guys, we just can’t do this?”
    With what is described above, it sounds like this was a deliberate attempt to conceal where he was and what he was doing. So, NOT an “innocent” mistake. And, really, how dense would you have to be to think this was remotely okay, whether a shutdown had been declared or not. I agree, he needs to be turfed. Wish he could take Oosterhoff with him.


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