Ontario’s Official Opposition Leader Calls for Removal of Ford Cabinet Minister

Andrea Horwath

“There Is A Pattern Of These Guys Behaving Like (COVID-19) Rules Don’t Apply To Them. From (Niagara West MPP) Sam Oosterhoff To (Finance Minister) Rod Phillips And (Premier) Doug Ford Himself.”                                                     – Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath

A Statement from Ontario’s NDP Official Opposition Leader Andrea Horwath

Posted December 30th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips (left), who recently flew off on a Caribbean vacation during province-wide lockdown, and Ford government rep and Niagara West MPP Sam Oosterhoff who, last October had a large group in to a popular Niagara Falls, Ontario restaurant, flaunting COVID mask and social distancing rules. Makes for a perfect Ford government team, doesn’t it? They tell us to do one thing, then go off and do whatever the hell they want.

HAMILTON, Ontario  — NDP Leader Andrea Horwath Released The Following Statement In Response To Ford’s Decision Not To Punish Finance Minister Rod Phillips For His Two-Week Christmas Vacation In St. Barts (in the Carribean):

“While The Government Demands Sacrifice From Everyday Ontarians, Rod Phillips Chose To Ignore Public Health Advice, Jet Off To St. Barts, And Create An Elaborate Cover-Up On Social Media.

It’s Not Believable That A Senior Member Of Cabinet Didn’t Tell The Premier’s Office He Was Leaving The Country For Weeks During The Height Of A Global Emergency. If He Didn’t, That In Itself Would Be Enough Reason To Demote Him.

Because Of His Lack Of Judgment And Lack Of Honesty, Doug Ford Must Kick Rod Phillips Out Of Cabinet.

There Is A Pattern Of These Guys Behaving Like Rules Don’t Apply To Them. From (Niagara West MPP) Sam Oosterhoff To Rod Phillips And Doug Ford Himself.

Everyday Folks Were Separated From Aging Parents During The Holidays. They’ve Missed Nearly A Year Of Birthdays, First Steps Or Other Milestones For Grandbabies, Nieces And Nephews. And They’ve Cancelled Their Dream Vacations, Destination Weddings And Trips Home.

Asking Regular People To Sacrifice While Ford’s Insiders Live The High Life Is Wrong, And It Has To Stop.”

To watch an independent news report on Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips circulating a video for his Twitter account and other social media messages, urging all of us to hunker down at home this Holiday Season when he was actually down in the Caribbean Islands, click on the screen immediately below –

To watch a clip from the long-running animated TV series The Simpson, broadcast a few years ago, yet so appropriate to the deception Ford’s Finance Minister Rod Phillips tried to pull this Christmas, click on the screen below

To read another recent piece, posted on Niagara At Large on this issue, click on – https://niagaraatlarge.com/2020/12/30/if-you-are-a-doug-ford-cabinet-minister-to-hell-with-covid-health-warnings/ .

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