Ford Minister of Long-Term Care Should Be Sacked!

As Long-Term Care Outbreaks Explode, Ontario Opposition Leader  Calls For Minister To Be Replaced

35 More Homes In Outbreak Compared To One Week Ago

A Statement from Ontario’s NDP Official Opposition Leader Andrea Horwath

Posted December 30th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

Ontario NDP MPP Official Opposition Leader Andrea Horwath want’s Ford Longterm-Care Home Minister’s head.

HAMILTON, Ontario — Nursing Homes Like Tendercare In Scarborough Are In Desperate Crisis, And Outbreaks Are Bursting Into More Long-Term Care Homes Every Day — Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath Calls For Doug Ford To Urgently Replace The Failed Minister Of Long Term Care Merrilee Fullerton.

“Over 2,700 Long-Term Care Residents Have Lost Their Lives — They Were Loved, And They Died Without Their Family There To Comfort Them And Say Goodbye. And Thousands More Families Are Now Racked With Worry About Their Parents And Grandparents As The Virus Rips Through Nursing Homes Again,” Said Horwath.

Ontario Minister for Long-Term Care Merrilee Fullerton. Let’s face it. It is highly doubtful that Ford would dump a minister who has so shamelessly embraced the talking points for a corporate long-term care/seniors factory farm industry the Ford government is in bed with. Just the same, shame on Fullerton for hardly giving a rat’s ass for Ontario’s seniors. Our seniors, who helped build this province and countery, deserve much better than the likes of her.

“Merrilee Fullerton Has Been Focused On Politically Motivated Talking Points, Brushing Off The Severity Of The Crisis In Long-Term Care To Avoid Having To Make The Investments Needed To Stop The Spread And Protect Our Loved Ones From This Horrific Virus.

“Doug Ford Needs To Replace Her With Someone Who Understands The Urgency And Will Fight For Seniors.

“If I Were Premier Today, I Would Be Investing The Money To Hire Thousands Of Psws And Other Staff In Long-Term Care. I’d Put Infection Prevention And Control Specialists In Every Home.

And I’d Be Fighting Like Hell For The Folks Living In Battlegrounds Like Tendercare — Including Not Only More Staff, But Also Bringing In The Red Cross, The Canadian Armed Forces And Anyone And Anything Else That Can Help Care For The Ill And Stop The Spread.”

As Of Tuesday, There Are 194 Long-Term Care Homes In Outbreak. That’s 35 More Homes In Crisis Compared To One Week Ago, On Tuesday Dec 22, When There Were 159 Outbreaks.

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One response to “Ford Minister of Long-Term Care Should Be Sacked!

  1. Minister follows instructions from “The Boss”. “The Boss” says make it look like the provincial government is doing something but make sure “My friends are making a profit”. Ford is doing a good job as a Con, he is CONNING Ontarians


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