A Great Exhibit For Us – North Is Freedom: The Legacy Of The Underground Railroad

A Photographic Journey By Yuri Dojc

On Exhibit in Niagara Falls, Ontario from September 26th, 2020 to January 10th, 2021

News from the Niagara Falls History Musuem in Niagara, Ontario

Posted September 25th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

Niagara Falls, Ontario – This photographic journey celebrates the descendants of freedom-seekers who escaped slavery in the United States in the years before the American Civil War.

One of the photos in the exhibit of Wilma Morrison, one of the pillars of the Black community in Niagara, Ontario, who passed away earlier this 2020. Photo by Yuri Dojc

Approximately 30,000 men, women and children fled north to freedom, settling from the Canadian Maritimes to as far west as the Manitoba border. Some arrived alone; others found their way to Canada with the help of a clandestine network of “conductors” and “stations” called the “Underground Railroad.”

Most came to what is now Ontario, to places such as Windsor, Chatham, Buxton, the Niagara Peninsula, Owen Sound, and larger cities like Hamilton and Toronto.

Black and White, young and old, these are the descendants of once-enslaved African Americans who have contributed to the growth of this great nation. This exhibition celebrates their histories and their ancestors’ courage.

“This project shows we are all one family…I am as much black as I am white. I am of African slaves as I am of Irish immigrants. I am multiracial and we are all cousins.” — Carl Stevenson, a fifth generation descendant of John H. Meads of Baltimore

For more on Niagara Falls History Museum, click on – https://www.niagarafallstourism.com/play/historic-sites/niagara-falls-history-museum/

Located on 5810 Ferry Street in Niagara Falls, Ontario

To read a tribute to Wilma Morrison, posted on Niagara At Large in early 2020, click on – https://niagaraatlarge.com/2020/05/20/a-belated-goodbye-to-wilma-morrison-a-niagara-ontario-treasure/

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