Say No to More Sprawl, and to Less Nature and Farmland across Niagara and the Greater Golden Horseshoe

“In dogged pursuit of its growth at all costs agenda, the Government of Ontario is paving the way for more sprawl development across the Greater Golden Horseshoe.”                        – Ontario Nature

Do you like what is left of Niagara’s green places? Do you like locally grown food? How much more of it are we willing to give up to an Ontario Ford government that bows to the most destructive rogues  in this province’s building and development industry? This is an Ontario Nature photo

A Call-Out from Ontario Nature, one of the province’s most repsected advocates for protecting and preserving our green lands.

Posted July 10th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

If we pave over ever more of it, where are beautiful birds like this going to live? They are part of the life web on this earth. We need them, even if the rogues in the development industry think we do not. An Ontario Nature photo

In dogged pursuit of its growth at all costs agenda, the Government of Ontario is paving the way for more sprawl development across the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH), which is home to more than 55 percent of Ontarians. 

Proposed changes to the Growth Plan will expose more natural areas, productive farmland and endangered species habitat to the bulldozers in a region stretching almost 32,000 km2 from Niagara to Simcoe and Peterborough counties.

The Growth Plan was established in 2006 to better manage growth across the GGH, one of the fastest growing regions in North America.

The Plan recognized the fundamental link among quality of life, economic prosperity, a vibrant agricultural land base and the ecological integrity of the region. After extensive public consultation, the plan was amended in 2017 to include, among other changes, a regional Natural Heritage System offering a higher level of protection for key hydrologic features and natural areas.

Now the government is abandoning this higher level of protection. It intends to allow aggregate pits and quarries to be sited in the habitat of threatened and endangered species throughout the new Natural Heritage System.  

Other proposed amendments would increase the amount of land available for development through higher population and employment forecasts. Striking a blow to coordinated, regional planning, the changes would also allow individual municipalities to exceed these higher forecasts when assessing land needs – again, so that land development opportunities can be maximized at the behest of influential developers.

All in all, the amendments are a recipe for continued loss of biodiversity and farmland, increased gridlock, and higher carbon emissions.

Please join Ontario Nature in opposing the proposed amendments. The consultation period ends on July 31st.

Please join us in opposing the proposed amendments. The consultation period ends July 31st.

To voice your concern, click on the following link –<>

Yours for nature, The Ontario Nature Team

About Ontario Nature – Ontario Nature protects wild species and wild spaces through conservation, education and public engagement. Ontario Nature is a charitable organization representing more than 30,000 members and supporters, and 155 member groups across Ontario.

For more information about Ontario Nature,  visit .

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