In Perilous Times, A Pillar of Grace Vs. Depraved, Dysfunctional Madness

“Courage,” it is sometimes said, “is grace under fire.” The same might be said for true leadership.

A Brief Comment by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher       Doug Draper

Posted April 6th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

I am about as far away as you can get from a monarchist.

And yet, I took a few moments out of my afternoon this April 5th to listen to the address Queen Elizabeth II of England delivered to what is left of the United Kingdom in this 21st Century, and I could not help but feel a little uplifted and assured that we work together and care for one another, we will prevail.

So many of what we all need at a time like this were there, in her words – strength, empathy, reassurance, a reminder that through history, humans have been through dark times like this before, and a will and resolve to find  more sunny days on the other side of this one.

“We’ll meet again,” were among her final words – a nod to lyrics of a morale boosting song sung by Vera Lynn for a people enduring the hellfire of the Second World War at home and abroad.

I wonder how many Americans now wish they had never overthrown the monarchy?

As I reflected on her message, I could not help but compare her composure and the grace of her words to the denial, misinformation and lies, and mad, dysfunctional, self-serving bile spewing from the mouth of the orange-hair monster on the U.S. side of the border – a man who occupies an office that his nation and the world would otherwise look to for strong and steady leadership at a perilous time like this.

First, here is the message from the Queen that you can watch by clicking on the screen immediately below –

Then click on the screen below and take a look at this –

Honest Abe Lincoln must be screaming in his grave right about now.

The late U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, a Republican whose name became synomimous with the party that has been circling the drain since Nixon and finished off by Trump, once said this during a time of great crisis, a Civil War that threatened to forever tear his country in two –

“I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.”

Clearly, from his words and behaviour before and during this latest crisis, Trump would not have a clue what Lincoln meant by those words, and his country, Canada, and the rest of the world are in all the more danger for it.

I never thought the day would come that I would pray so much on the words of a monarch, but can we all please hear that message from Her Majesty, Queen of England, one more time?

God Bless the Queen!

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4 responses to “In Perilous Times, A Pillar of Grace Vs. Depraved, Dysfunctional Madness

  1. you’ve got that in 1, Doug


  2. Gary Screaton Page

    With both family and friends south of the border I fear for their nation. Leaders look to the future. They serve their people. They encourage, set an example, and most of all care while making often triaged decisions to best meet the needs of the country.
    With his son-in-law bragging about how, when a friend asked him for surgical masks, he sent them. This while millions of masks are still not getting to where they are most needed. With Donald Trump saying he wouldn’t call those who did not show him personal deference. Then, with The Donald spewing venom, misinformation, and outright lies while seemingly promoting an unproven “cure” for covid-19, there is good reason for concern.
    (Does he have shares in the company that makes hydroxychloroquine? Of course, we will never no as he would not divulge his income sources.)
    The most flagrant misstep of this President was when he stopped Dr. Fauci, a world-renowned expert in communicable diseases, from answering a reporter’s question about the drug in favour of his own promotion of it.
    The good doctor and New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, have more integrity and show more leadership qualities in the little fingers than Donald Trump has in his whole being.
    The meaning of America is epitimized in Donald Trump. How far you have fallen, America. Trump said it himself during the election, “America has never been so low!” On this point he was honest!


  3. Top shelf. Talking to us directly. Calm concise
    We will meet again dont know where. Have resolve


  4. Patrick Sirianni

    God Save the Queen!


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