The Stupidity of Trump’s Media Hacks & Supporters is Breathtaking. And These Days, It is Deadly!

One Popular Tabloid – Well Read by Trumpies – Now Claims that a ‘Coronavirus Cure Has Finally Been Found’

A News Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted March 29th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

Laura Ingraham, one of Trump’s most loyal voice boxes on Fox News, goes after other media organizations in February for allegedly over-reacting to the coronavirus outbreak

For millions of Donald Trump’s supporters in the United States and for far too many in Canada – yes, right here in Canada – who worship Trump and his antics, there are three major places, outside of Trump’s Twitter farts, that they go to for “news”.

The first two are Fox (aka ‘Trump TV’) and Rush Limbaugh’s rant radio, both of which made millage, for as long as they could, calling concerns and warnings being reported about the escalating COVID-19 pandemic a “hoax” and part of some  “deep state” or “left-wing conspiracy.”

And the third source with, believe it or not, one of the largest circulations of any print publication in North America, is The National Enquirer.

Since Trump fired out this Tweet in late February, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. has soared from about 60 to about 140,000 this March 29 – more recorded than in either Italy or China. The number of deaths, during the same period, has risen from zero to more than 2,400.

The National Enquirer is loaded with jaw-dropping, fictitious garbage at the best of time.

But take a look (immediately below) at the dangerous sewage it has printed on the front page of its latest issue, during a perilous time when getting information that is right and information that is wrong can make the difference between people staying safe and healthy, or getting sick and possibly even dying –

Can you believe that? And if you do, there probably isn’t much point reading on.

“Coronavirus Cure Finally Found.” That’s the headline splashed across the front of this disgusting tabloid.

There is no real evidence anywhere that a cure for this highly deadly virus has ‘finally been found’.

The U.S. Centre for Disease Control, still one of the leading health and medical research agencies in the world, despite Trump’s cuts and efforts to politicize it, continues to report that “there is currently no vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus.”

Other major agencies, including the World Health Organization, are sending out the same message too.

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, Trump’s approval rating with Americans has actually increases, according to this ABC/Ipsos poll

As one journalist who went to a first-class journalism school that taught its students about ethics and the duty we had to strive, as best we could, and against any resistance from others, to give the public accurate information, there are no words to describe how irresponsible and how dangerous this National Enquirer headline is.

There are no doubt those out there who would look at this headline and say, as I have heard some say about content in this tabloid in the past; “What’s the big deal, The people who read The National Enquirer are brain dead anyway.”

The big deal is that millions of people read this rag, and as surveys in recent years have shown, many of the same people take to heart the likes of Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity and Lou ‘Dobbs at Fox yelling about others “jumping for joy” and “rooting” for the virus in hope that it will undermine Trump’s –re-election.

And of course, many of these same people also still take to heart every claim that Trump makes, however outrageous or un-founded.

One couple from Arizona, both supporters of Trump, actually overdosed on a chemical formulation they had in their home called chloroquine phosphate – used by some to clean fish tanks – after the self-described “stable genius,” touted it as a promising remedy for coronavirus.

“I sure in hell think we ought to give it a try,” Trump ranted during one of his many wacky press conferences since the COVID-19 outbreak. “I’m a smart guy,” he went on. “I’ve been right a lot.”

The man died and his wife was rushed to hospital in severe condition.

“Trump kept saying it was basically pretty much a cure,” the woman told a reporter from her hospital bed.

So the big deal is this.

To the extent that the millions of people who support Trump and who soak in the efforts that he and the shameless hacks at media outlets like Fox News and the National Enquirer have made to play down this deadly pandemic or buy the bull that a cure has been found, or is right around the corner, and we’ll all be back to business as usual by Easter, they are putting themselves and the rest of us in greater danger.

Who wants anyone who is foolish enough to believe that this virus is any less dangerous that credible health experts tell us it is standing anywhere near us in a grocery or pharmacy store, or walking by us on a sidewalk for that matter?

The edition of the National Enquirer with this dangerously irresponsible headline on it is apparently already on display on newspaper and magazine racks in grocery stores, drug stores and other still-open retail outlets in the United States, and is apparently on its way for display in stores in Canada.

A U.S.-based media watchdog group called Media Matters has already ref-flagged this issue of the National Enquirer and has circulated information (see the Media Matters link below) on what action you can take to protest the sale of this tabloid.

To my fellow Canadians, I would strongly urge any of you who spot copies of this tabloid with the “Coronavirus Cure Finally Found” headline on it displayed in any store you go to in the days ahead, I would make a point to complain to the store manager, and to find a website for the store and let it know that you will find somewhere else to shop if they don’t take this tabloid down.

The conduct of some media outlets during these perilous times has been irresponsible to a point of approaching criminal negligence, and those of us who know how vital it is to get the most credible information possible out about the risks we all face have got to speak out and stop it.

For information from the watchdog group  Media Matters about this National Enquirer headline and the erroneous story it flags, click on –

For a recent CNN report on the Arizona couple that self-medicated on a chemical concoction touted by Trump, click on  –

To watch a recent ad that a progressive group called Priorities USA is running on networks in the United States, slamming the way Trump has handled this health disaster, click on the screen below –

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