New NPCA Board Chair Donates the ‘Per Diem’ Expense Money She Gets for Serving to Support Work of Conservation Area Volunteers

A Statement from Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority Board Chair Brenda Johnson Regarding Board Expenses

Posted January 23rd, 2020 at Niagara At Large

NPCA’s new board Chair, Hamilton City Councillor Brenda Johnson

Niagara, Ontario – In a continued effort to be transparent regarding NPCA board member expenses, Chair Brenda Johnson would like to publicly disclose she has voluntarily donated her NPCA per diem to the Glanbrook Conservation Committee to support their volunteer work at Binbrook Conservation Area, in Hamilton.

The Glanbrook Conservation Committee is a group of volunteers working to improve the habitat for wildlife in what was previously Glanbrook Township, now the City of Hamilton.

The group includes, naturalists, environmentalists, bird watchers, hikers, canoeists, as well as fishermen and hunters. They have been active in the community for over 25 years, accomplishing many projects at Binbrook C.A. such as maintaining the Tyneside Trail, installing blue bird boxes, fish habitat cribs, invasive species identification and removal, the annual Spring Fishing Derby and many more conservation related initiatives.

The approved per diem is $76.10 per meeting. On behalf of Chair Johnson, $1,598.10 has been donated to the GCC in 2019.

A Brief Afterword from Niagara At Large reporter and publisher  Doug Draper –

In the wake of all of the public controversy surrounding the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority and what a number of its past board members, right up to and including about five or six weeks following the October 2018 municipal elections, along with some now former members of the NPCA staff were doing with  tax dollars they were getting from residents in Niagara, Hamilton and Haldimand County, this move by the board’s new Chair – Hamilton City Councillor Brenda Johnson – represents quite the sea change.

Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority’s new CAO Chandra Sharma, left, and the new Chair of the NPCA’s board of directors, at the table during the Conservaton Authority’s 2020 Annual General Meeting this January 15th. Johnson takes over the Chair position from fellow board member and West Lincoln Mayor David Byslma, who faced concerns raised by members of the public over some of his views on climate change. An NPCA photo

The current NPCA board, in partnership with the Conservation Authority’s staff, has taken a fair number of steps over the past year to restore public confidence and to set this publicly funded body back on a track where it is once again making conservation and environmental protection a priority.

Not that we should expected every other board member to do it, Brenda Johnson’s volunteer decision to take the$76.10 per diem she gets every time she attends an NPCA meetings and donate it to the work of people volunteering to look after one of the body’s Conservation Areas helps amplify a message that this is a new dawn for the Conservation Authority.

Kudos to her for doing this.

NPCA’s board of directors chose fellow board member Brenda Johnson to serve as the board’s new Chair earlier this January, at their Annual General Meeting.

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One response to “New NPCA Board Chair Donates the ‘Per Diem’ Expense Money She Gets for Serving to Support Work of Conservation Area Volunteers

  1. Will every board member who makes a donation to the NPCA get a press release from now on? Come on, ridiculous!
    Where are the press releases about the good work the restoration group is doing? Where is the press release about the recent enforcement action at Thundering Waters?
    Where are the public education press releases about the importance of restoring nature in our own backyards and communities through the planting of native plants? Where are the press releases about how homeowners can reduce the risk of flooding through down spout disconnection, rain barrels, rain gardens and tree planting?
    What we are still getting from this organization is spin, not substance.


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