If You Like Used Books Stores, You Will Love Rust Belt Books in Buffalo, New York

Visit Rust Belt Books this Coming Monday, April 1st thru Friday, April 5th for its annual ‘Backroom Book Sale’ where you can get a Bag of Books for just Five Bucks

One of the very cool cats you may meet at Rust Belt Books in Buffalo

Another Brief Call-Out for Supporting Great Book and Record Stores from Doug Draper

Posted March 28th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

If you are a regular visitor to Niagara At Large, as we hope you are, then you already know that we are strong supporters of locally owned book and record stores here.

We believe that the best of these great stores are not only good for the local economy, they also add, immeasurably, to heart and soul of any community worth living in.

Rust Belt Books on 415 Grant Street in Buffalo, New York.

That’s why we take a little time out to promote some of these stores for no compensation other than this. … For the sake of our communities, we want these places where people can go to share their passion for books and music to survive and thrive.

And one such place that serves as a great commons for book livers in Rust Belt Books, located right across the border from Niagara, Ontario, on 415 Grant Street in Buffalo, New York .

If you have never had the pleasure of shopping in this store, and meeting its nice owner, this coming Monday, April 1st through Friday, April 5th is a good time to start because the store is hosting its annual “Backroom Book Sale” where for five American bucks you can purchase a whole bag of books.

It is a fantastic sale, and I have some great books from past sales, including a very nice biography on Aretha Franklin, that have found a home on my bookshelves to prove it.

But even if you miss this sale, Rust Belt is loaded with great books at reasonable prices any time of the year. It is hard to spend 10 minutes in this store without finding at least one book you won’t be able to leave behind.

Great books everywhere inside the Rust Belt store

The store has a very nice owner who certainly knows book named Kristi, as well. And if you are lucky, you might cross paths with one or both of the store’s very cool cats.

I first discovered this wonderful store a couple of decades ago when it was located at the corner of Allen and Elmwood Streets in the heart of Buffalo’s historic Allentown district.

Then five or so years ago, as the costs of gentrification made it more difficult for some stores to continue in the Allentown area, Rust Belt Books suddenly disappeared. Fortunately, and much to a lover of bookstores’ relief, the store re-appeared on Grant Street, in an interesting, evolving section of the city, north of Lafayette Avenue and near Buffalo State College.

Like The Write Bookshop and Hannelore Headley Old and Fine Books in St. Catharines, which we featured on this site earlier this March, Rust Belt Books is one of those wonderful places that we cannot afford to take for granted in this age of faceless (and we would say soulless) age of online shopping.

Help keep great bookstores and the value they bring to our lives and communities alive by supporting them every chance you can get!

For more on Rust Belt Books, visit the store’s website- http://www.rustbeltbooks.com/

Or click on – https://www.facebook.com/238324716280894/videos/590452411367854/

For a locater map for Rust Belt Books, click on – https://www.mapquest.com/us/new-york/rust-belt-books-365192205

For a story on Rust Belt Books, published in 2015 in the news outlet, Buffalo Rising,  click on  https://www.buffalorising.com/2015/06/rust-belt-books-spread-its-wings-on-grant-street/

For more on Hannelore Headley Old and Fine Books, click on – https://www.facebook.com/Hannelore-Headley-Old-Fine-Books-Inc-533950869988039/ ,

For more on The Write Bookshop, click onhttps://www.facebook.com/TheWriteBookshop/ .

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