Trump Is ‘Unwelcome’ In England. He Should Be ‘Unwelcome’ In Canada Too

A Brief Commentary by Doug Draper

Posted January 12th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

No, Donald Trump hasn’t included Canada on his list of “shithole countries” – at least not yet because maybe, just maybe, we Canadians still live in a country that is white enough.

A cover of the British tabloid The Daily Mirror sends a message out to Trump this past December

But that is no reason we shouldn’t do what our friends and allies in the United Kingdom have done and unwelcome this dangerous wing nut with his racist, homophobic, misogynous views and his ‘big button that works’ to our country.

It was reported on American cable news networks earlier this January 12th that a trip Trump was planning to take to London, England  later this year has been cancelled in the wake of  an outpouring of protests from Brits who don’t want this clown setting one foot on their soil, let alone possibly standing anywhere near their beloved  Queen for any kind of official ceremony.

Following some of his most vile comments to date – ones that involve referring to nations populated mostly by people of colour as “shithole countries” – we Canadians should follow the British lead and rev up an unwelcoming campaign for Trump’s planned visit to a G7 summit in Quebec this June.

By the way, here – immediately below – is how the front page of the New York Daily News, a popular tabloid newspaper out of New York City portrayed the Tweeter-in-Chief this January 18th.

I don’t know about you, but the thought of any of our tax money being spent on extra security for this bozo when it could be used – just as one example – to to improve water treatment facilities for Indigenous communities in our country is enough to have me throwing up in one of his ‘Make America White Again’ hats.

Question is, would Canada’s Prime Minister have the courage to invite Trump to stay home if enough Canadians stand up, like the people of Great Britain did, and make it clear we don’t want him here?

If we are lucky, maybe our friends and neighbours across the American board will find a way to get him turfed out of office before June comes along, and we won’t have to find out.

To read a story about Trump’s possible visit to Canada this June, 2018 for G7 Summit meetings, click on – .

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 “A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders




One response to “Trump Is ‘Unwelcome’ In England. He Should Be ‘Unwelcome’ In Canada Too

  1. I would prefer he be uninvited but that would be impossible as part of the G7. Perhaps if he feels unwelcome enough he would just send an emissary. A petition against his presence would be great. I would sign it. He doesn’t go where he is not wanted. His ego won’t allow it. It would be wonderful if Canadians performed a peaceful protest, just lying down in the streets throughout Quebec City to indicate what we think of him. What will he do, run over them? Will the Surete arrest thousands or get out the fire hoses and tear gas like a bunch of thugs?

    I know we’re supposed to be polite nation….blah, blah, blah…. but there is a point at which our elected representatives must stop being cowards and stand up for our ethics. I was very disappointed in Trudeau’s response that he “would not opine” on Trumps s***hole racist remark (which Trump of course now denies ever saying). He has to tread thin ice being next door to the US but he must speak up against blatant racism since he claims to be such an advocate of human rights.

    Trump’s remarks about non whites, are pure racism. As if Norwegians would want to leave their land for the US! He obviously is unaware that many African nations are not full of “huts” (like the one in which Obama was supposedly born) or the role Haitians had in overthrowing colonialism and slavery on their island and even helping the US win the Revolutionary War. Our own recent Governor General was a Haitian.

    Hopefully our government issues an invitation to many of those “Dreamers” who are living in fear of deportation because many of them are university students and grads who will be or already are doctors or practice other professions that can only make Canada even better. The US’s loss, our gain.


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