The Fight for ‘transparency, integrity and acccountability” and for an Independent Audit of Niagara’s Conservation Authority continues – Niagara, Ontario area MPP Cindy Forster

Audio and Video of Welland Riding MPP Cindy Forster on local radio and in the Ontario legislature, with introductory remarks by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted September 13th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

“There are all these alleged issues (swirling around the NPCA) and we have been calling on every ministry (in the Ontario government) that kind of touches on this agency to act and all we get (from the government) is that we don’t have any authority.”

Welland Rding MPP Cindy Forster

Those are among the comments Welland Riding MPP Cindy Forster made this past September 12th  during an interview on CKTB Radio in St. Catharines – an interview that followed an address she delivered in the Ontario Legislature the day before, outlining many of the issues dogging the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority, from its hiring and firing practices, its awarding of contracts to private consultants, the number of politicians sitting on its board, its lawsuit against Niagara citizen critical of its operations, and on and on.

There are a lot of issues alright and I can say with certainty that very few people aside from those who have a vested interest in the status quo buys the line from Ontario Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry Kathryn McGarry or anyone else in the province’s Liberal government that this government has no power to clean up the disgusting mess we face here with this once proud Conservation Authority that has turned rancid and rogue.

In her year as Natural Resources Minister, McGarry has responded to clarion calls for action from countless Niagara area citizens, a majority of the municipal councils in this region and Hamilton, and from MPPs crossing all three major parties with little more than wilful neglect.

Ontario Natural Resources Minister Kathryn McGarry meets Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority board chair and Fort Erie regional councilor Sandy Annunziati at an event in the province earlier this year. Perhaps, McGarry should meet with a group of Niagara citizens to hear their concerns about the NPCA.

Earlier this year, she crossed paths at an event in another region of the province with the chair of the NPCA’s board, Fort Erie regional councillor Sandy Annunziata, however unplanned or impromptu that encounter (as can be seen in the accompanying photo) may have been, McGarry has never shown the presence of mind in all the months she has held the MNR portfolio to visit Niagara and meet with a cross section of citizens, municipal councillors and past and present NPCA who have expressed concerns about the way this body is operating with millions of dollars of our tax money.

Why not?

Cindy Forster, on the other hand, who is a member of the Ontario New Democratic Party (and I want to stress here that this journalist has absolutely no partisan affiliations and (to paraphrase Groucho Marx) would never want to be a part of any political party that would have a person like me as member), has demonstrated a relentless determination on behalf of her constituents and to other citizens across the Niagara region to get to the bottom of what is going on inside the NPCA.

She has continued to stand up and speak out in the face of some personal challenges in her own life, including the recent death of her younger brother and in the face of ugly and contemptable efforts by some of the bullies and creeps on the NPCA board and Niagara’s regional council to smear and discredit her.

For that, she deserves the admiration many in this Niagara region have expressed for her for her efforts.

It is important for all of us to remember that, as much as there is reason to get down on politicians in this region, there are still people in elected office like Cindy Forster around.

Now here, first, is a link to a September 12th interview with Forster on CKTB Radio out of St. Catharines. Click on the link, then scroll down and click on an arrow labelled ‘Audio cut’ and wait a few seconds for the end of the commercial  –

Finally, to watch  Forster’s address on the NPCA issue in the Ontario Legislature this September 11th click on the following link then click on the screens inside – .

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One response to “The Fight for ‘transparency, integrity and acccountability” and for an Independent Audit of Niagara’s Conservation Authority continues – Niagara, Ontario area MPP Cindy Forster

  1. Catherine Mitchell

    According to the Conservation Authorities Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. C.27 the biggest problem with the NPCA is they continually over step of their legal authority. They have authority of Public lands but do not have authority over private lands unless they purchase said lands, lease the lands or expropriate said lands. And in all cases they would have to pay for said lands. According to the Powers of authorities
    21 (1) For the purposes of accomplishing its objects, an authority has power,
    (c) to acquire by purchase, lease or otherwise and to expropriate any land that it may require, and, subject to subsection (2), to sell, lease or otherwise dispose of land so acquired;


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