Council of Canadians’ Ad targeting NAFTA trade renegotiations with U.S., Mexico to air on CBC’s The National starting this August 14th

News from the Council of Canadians, a citizen activist group based in Ottawa, Ontario

Posted August 14th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

Ottawa – An ad highlighting the Council of Canadians’ top three priorities for NAFTA’s negotiation will begin a four-day run on CBC’s The National tonight, coinciding with Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland promoting Canada’s NAFTA negotiating plans today before the House of Commons Committee on International Trade.

A message to Canada’s Prime Minister from the Council of Canadians – ‘Don’t cave to Trump during  NAFTA trade re-negotiations’

“The Liberal government needs to go back to the drawing board on its NAFTA position. Unless a renegotiated NAFTA contains real penalties, and sets standards, these talks may just replicate the dangerous provisions of the Trans-Pacific Partnership,” says Maude Barlow, Honorary Chairperson of the Council of Canadians and veteran NAFTA critic.

“If Trudeau’s government is truly concerned about the environment, labour and public protection, it should look at the glaring problem: Chapter 11, which has made Canada vulnerable to billions of dollars of corporate lawsuits over our environmental and public policy decisions. Trudeau should be fixing NAFTA’s existing problems, instead of creating new ones.”

The Council of Canadians argues that major changes are needed to protect people and the environment in NAFTA. As the Council has cautioned before, modelling NAFTA’s Chapter 11 on the investor state system of CETA (the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) doesn’t alter the substance of this problematic provision.

“It is very dangerous that the Liberal government is going to put CETA procurement provisions in NAFTA, which will get rid of buy local policies,” says Sujata Dey, Trade Campaigner with the Council of Canadians. “Instead, Trudeau should be mirroring Buy American policies so that public money stays in the local economy. We also encourage the government to hold the line on in keeping NAFTA’s cultural exemption and our supply management program.”

The Council of Canadians’ priorities for NAFTA are:

Eliminate Chapter 11, the investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) process, from NAFTA. ISDS provisions allow corporations to sue governments for policies or regulations that restrict corporate profits. Corporations have used these provisions to challenge laws that protect people’s health and the environment.

Remove all references from NAFTA to water as a good, service or investment. Canada is vulnerable to bulk water exports and increased privatization under the deal. President Trump could see Canadian water as a way to hydrate drought-ridden U.S. states.

Eliminate NAFTA’s energy proportionality rule. This rule requires Canada to export a locked-in percentage of our energy production to the U.S. This forces continued production in the tar sands, which will stop Canada from meeting its climate commitments.

 The Council’s campaign includes handimations in English, French and Spanish like the one airing on The National, fact sheets, and reports which encourage citizens to do their own lobbying on NAFTA.

To view the Council of Canadians’ Ad, click on –

.For more information on the Council of Canadians’ campaign, please see:

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2 responses to “Council of Canadians’ Ad targeting NAFTA trade renegotiations with U.S., Mexico to air on CBC’s The National starting this August 14th

  1. Agreed on all counts.
    Canada has SOOOO many resources and we practically give them away. There are many countries who need and want them besides the US. For example, the US construction industry would collapse without our lumber. Many of their refineries would close without our oil (and that of Venezuela which goes to Louisiana refineries and is why they are so interested in what is currently going on there including suggesting military intervention). I have seen Petro Canada trucks filling US gas stations and yet we pay more than in the US.

    We can get a better deal, particularly since the US sues every one else until they get their way (actually they have lost many of the suits in international courts but they still cost us money). The Koch’s have tons of cash but these lawsuits cost us, the taxpayers, big time. We need to stand up for ourselves, refuse to be bullied, develop our own resources IN Canada thus creating jobs while maintaining decent environmental rules and not export raw materials to buy back goods at inflated prices for everyone else’s profit. There are plenty of trading partners out there. If the US wants to play hard ball, so can we. They will lose a lot of their jobs if we go elsewhere. It’s time to MAKE CANADA GREAT.


  2. The Old CCF’s social platform was Adding value to our resources by Canadian extraction and manufacturing instead of selling off the “raw” resources to foreign mining companies where they are shipped abroad for further processing. The changing of the Guard in the old CCF/NDP Party saw changes in philosophy and the result was less Socialism and where a move to a neo Capittalist monetary policy was adopted. Many older members and now new people are begining to see the dynamics of this motivation was disaster and we as Canadians are seeing our sovereignty being sold by the two Corporate Political Parties to anyone who will sign a “TRADE AGREEMENT” The last two Governments HARPER’s small “c” Conservatives and his CLONE Trudeau’s Liberals have rushed the demise of CANADA beyond belief by their trade agreements. Even though Canadians as a whole are against this selling of our souls.


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