Here’s Hoping that Glen Campbell’s Life and Death will inspire a greater effort to wipe out Alzheimer’s disease, once and for all

A Comment to NAL from Niagara, Ontario resident Carla Rienzo

Posted August 10th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

(A Brief Note from NAL publisher Doug Draper – Niagara At Large regularly receives a lot of good, thoughtful comments from readers to news and commentary posted on our NAL site. Every so often, given the topic and timing, there is one we also like to post as a stand-alone piece, as we are doing here.

Glen Campbell and his wife Kimberly,

Please keep the comments to the news and commentary we post on this site going because it makes a valuable contribution to the dialogue we all need to have on issues of interest and concerns in our region and in the world beyond.

Now here is a comment from Niagara resident Carla Rienzo to a commentary we posted yesterday on Glen Campbell and his brave battle with Alzheimer’s disease.)

The loss of Glen Campbell is the loss of another legend and another peek into the world of Alzheimer’s, a disease that is threading its way into more and more families with devastating consequences that are not limited to emotional and financial havoc.

 It terrifies me that even the brightest, most active minds among us are succumbing to this dreaded disease even as we are being told that keeping the brain engaged is a component for its prevention. If there were tried and true courses of action I could take to prevent Alzheimer’s I’d be all over them.

 I like to think I am on track where popular brain research recommendations are concerned. I have to.

My mom is in the throes and it scares me to death to feel like I am staring my future squarely in the face. All I have is the hope that my lifestyle choices define my fate and not merely genetics or some twisted game of luck of the draw.

For me and as for many of us, the greatest fear is that we will go down alone, lost in a system of neglect and oversight in a community ill equipped to properly, and with dignity, house and manage this escalating problem.

Don’t we all seem to live in a city where our tax dollars and revenue streams are poorly managed!

I know the story started out as a tribute to Glen Campbell, a hugely talented and highly respected individual whose music will live on and be enjoyed for generations to come but Glen himself bravely wanted the story of Alzheimer’s out there.

My hope is that with Glen Campbell’s passing, more money will be funneled into advanced brain research and the causes of Alzheimer’s and it’s prevention even if it means taking on, or merely exposing (some of us vote with our wallets)some really huge corporations whose products (in the air, water, soil, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics/toiletries, household cleaners, food chain, food/beverage containers, etc.) are likely contributors to, if not direct cause of, this and of other potentially preventable diseases.

 R.I.P. Glen.

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