Some Serious Summer Reading For The 99 Per Cent

The Battle For $15 An Hour

Posted July 12th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

A Brief Foreword by NAL publisher Doug Draper –

This book- The Fight For $15 – comes at a time when the wage gap between the highest one per cent and almost everyone else in the United States and Canada has widened astronomically and many millions now struggle daily to cover the costs of living. Many everyday Americans and Canadians have continued falling further and further behind.wage book

And once again, Canadians do not appear to be fighting as forcefully as their American counterparts for the right to fair compensation for their contribution to the economy.

While U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has made a $15-an-hour minimum wage a centerpiece of his campaign and U.S. states like California and New York State right across the border have announced their intentions to phase $15 an hour in, Ontario’s provincial government continues to support a system of unpaid internships – code for slave labour – that forces college and university groups to work for hundreds of hours for free in order to receive their diploma.

Many students are afraid to complain for fear of putting their graduation in jeopardy and many older Ontarians who never would have accepted this treatment while they were going to school, either actively engage in this exploitation of young people or turn their backs and look the other way.

Most shameful of all, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne allows this system of indentured slavery to continue.

Here is a brief advance on the book.

The Fight for $15: The Right Wage for a Working America

By David Rolf

The battle for a higher minimum wage, led primarily by fast food workers, has become one of the biggest labor stories in the United States in decades.

This book by one of the organizers involved in that struggle shows how victories were won and makes the case that higher wages can revitalize the US economy.

The Fight for $15 offers tools and inspiration for making change happen.

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“A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders



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