Niagara Ride Share Calls On All Of Us To Take Up The Commuter Challenge

“Ride sharing has been experiencing a renaissance since the turn of the millennium and not just because of the cost savings.”

A Call-Out from Niagara Ride Share

Posted May 24th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

Niagara, Ontario – This June 5th thru 11th is Commuber  Challenge week, a friendly competition that encourages people to use a sustainable mode of transportation to get to and from work.NiagaraRideShareNewTag

Niagara Ride Share, a new web-based ride matching service, is taking the lead on promoting the competition in Niagara. But that doesn’t mean it’s just about ride sharing.

Commuter Challenge encourages people to walk, bike or use public transit. “If these aren’t viable options, than consider carpooling,” says Rhonda Barron, Project Lead of Niagara Ride Share.

“Active transportation may be the ideal mode, but sometimes it’s just not realistic, especially in Niagara where commuter patterns for employed people sees the majority of people drive to another municipality to get to work,” says Barron.

Carpooling certainly isn’t a new concept. Initially spurred on by a raise in fuel prices in the 1970s, people opted to share the ride to save money. But as the price of gas dropped in the 80s and 90s, so did the number of car poolers.

Ride sharing has been experiencing a renaissance since the turn of the millennium and not just because of the cost savings. Today’s carpoolers are conscious of the environmental consequences of driving a car and are looking for strategies that will reduce their carbon footprint and improve air quality.

This renaissance includes web-based ride matching sites that help people connect with others that are going to the same place at the same time.

Consider signing-up for the Commuter Challenge. Registrant names will be added to a draw for some great prizes including gift certificates to Runner’s Edge, Bike Fit and Canadian Tire.

And if carpooling is your preferred option, sign-up for Niagara Ride Share

Visit . Sign-up as an individual, select Ontario and then look for Niagara Region All Residents under your city.

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