Ontario Consumers Paying for Provincial Liberal Government Mismanagement of Energy Sector

Posted April 20th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

From the Office of Ontario PC Opposition Leader Patrick Brown

Queen’s Park, Toronto – On May 1st, Ontario ratepayers will see hydro prices increase on average by $37.56 annually because consumers used less electricity than expected this past winter.untitled

This Tuesday, April 19th, Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown used Question Period to ask the Premier about this logic-defying increase and the ongoing mess in the energy sector.

Referencing a Hydro One bill which has been making traction on social media, Brown said, “I came across a photo of a Hydro One bill the other day – it was dated April 13, 2016. It read: On-peak: 0 kilowatts per hour used. Mid-peak: 0 kilowatts per hour used. Off-peak: 0 kilowatts per hour used. Total cost of electricity charges: $113.”

“Why is it acceptable for Hydro One to charge this family $113 for not using any electricity?” Brown added.

It is Ontario consumers who are left paying for Liberal mismanagement in the energy sector. Despite the fact Ontario has overbuilt the energy sector, the Government is procuring over 900 more megawatts of costly energy.   

It was recently revealed the Government has provided renewable energy contracts to seven renewable companies who had donated a quarter of a million dollars to Liberal Party coffers. Three wind companies who hadn’t donated to the Liberal Party did not receive any contracts.

“It’s not that they overbuilt, it’s that they continue to overbuild. Why do they continue to overbuild? Maybe we could ask the wind companies that attend their $6,000 a plate dinners,” added Brown.

“Again why will ratepayers pay more to use less energy? Is it because the Premier wants to reward her Liberal fundraisers and friends?” 

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2 responses to “Ontario Consumers Paying for Provincial Liberal Government Mismanagement of Energy Sector

  1. No Conservative, Progressive or other type, has any credibility to criticize hydro screw-ups. After all it was they who killed Conservative, Sir Adam Beck’s dream of “Public power at cost”.
    Anyone remember when we used to elect our local hydro commissioner in municipal elections?
    Progressive Conservative, Mike Harris even had criminally corrupt Enron Corp. at the table planning the “Restructuring” of Ontario Hydro. It was during Harris’ tenure hydro bills were “Bundled” separating out the juice from the poles the wires hang on, all designed to penalize the small user.
    Sadly a change of government to Liberal didn’t stop the privatization juggernaut. This worked out about the same as the German solders in the dead of winter on the Russian front being offered a change of socks. Sure someone else dirty socks!
    Now the new private operators want us to pay for idle capacity due to low demand.
    Unfortunately this article does nothing to help readers understand the root cause of high hydro bills, only steers voters into another offer of a change of socks.


  2. The three tier rate system hurts all Ontarians. It penalizes all day “stay at home” people – families – young and elderly; sick/ill who should be hospitalized but are sent home, evening/night workers who must do the necessary home chores during the high peak hours.
    Why is the current Ontario government selling surplus power at a cost lower to neighbouring provinces and a country than the minimum charge Ontarians must pay? Why does the current Ontario government pay providers for not producing electricity? Consumers are charged “an arm and a leg” for using electricity. By conserving, according to the current Ontario government, consumers pay only “for a part of the torso” in addition to the “arm and leg”.
    Wynne gives Ontarians the reason to WHINE, rather than appreciate a glass of Niagara wine.


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