Hey Alberta, If You Don’t Like Canada, Leave!

Good Riddance to a Province Of Tar Sands Filth, Cowboy Costumes and Chuck-Wagon Pile-Ups That Is Making Us Look Like Climate-Denying Red-Necks Around the World

A Brief Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted December 29th, 2022 on Niagara At Large

Alberta Premier and Canada hater Danielle Smith pushes for sovereiignty for her province.. Let her and the many Albertans who supporter have it.

Just when one hoped Alberta’s domineering Conservative government might be entering a 21st Century age of enlightment with the ejection of its climate denying, king-of-the-tar-sands premier Jason Kenny, the party that rules this  province like a …… ushers in Premier Danielle Smith – Alberta’s answer to one of America’s most powerful wing-nuts – Marjorie Taylor Greene.

In Danielle Greene – Sorry for the confusion. That’s Smith, not Greene – Alberta is embracing a premier that has made a mockery of science-based measures that were recommended and when times were necessary, were  mandated for keeping as many Canadians as possible from becoming seriously ill and dying from COVID-19.

She went so far as to say that members of her province who were and still are anti-vaxxers were more discriminated against than Canada’s indigenous people.

Smith is also pushing something she calls a ‘Sovereignty Act’ that would, in her iron-fisted, dystopian terms, would allow Alberta to aim the  jackboots at policies from the federal government it does not like, yet at the same time going on feeding off what it wants.

In the likes of Danielle Smith, Albertans have found their version of  one of America’s most wacked out Republican members of Congress, Marjorie Taylor Greene

Sovereignty, by definition, revolves around the goal or determination to – from the standpoint of how one is governed, at least – liv as an independent nation or state. It is not conducive to living in a confederation of provinces and territories which has defined the state of affairs in Canada since 1867.

Living in a confederation, as most Canadians who pay attention know, is no cake walk. It is often about give and take – about sometimes making sacrifices or doing things we don’t want to do for the common good of all.

With the emergence of Premier Danielle Smith, a majority of Albertan have made it clear that they have no use for that that kind of social contract.

So if they want sovereignty, let them have it.

Get the hell out of Canada and find some union with U.S. states full of Trumpies like Texas or North and South Dakota if you want to.

Then, at long last, the rest of us can stop giving away billions of dollars in tax subsidies each year, and more than $21 billion and counting for a Trans-Mountain Pipeline, to support a tar sands operation that is contributing to contributing to the climate crisis on our planet.

Imagine what the rest of Canada can do in the areas of health care, education, affordable housing and so many other challenges we face with all of that money.

So Good Riddance Alberta.

If you hate being part of our Canadian confederation that much, I’m ready to cough you out the door.  

  • Doug Draper, Niagara At Largest 

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3 responses to “Hey Alberta, If You Don’t Like Canada, Leave!

  1. Agree 100%. (With the effects of climate change, Canada could move the Trans-Canada highway north and go about Confederation.)


  2. Not impressed by these You Tube and Google ignorant goof ball whiners. Rather than split up a wonderful country THEY need to leave as individuals and go down to Marjorie Trailer Queen and Vampire Herschel Walker land where Jewish space lasers cause forest fires. (I’m sure the rest of Canada sent money and aid for the Alberta forest fires, incidentally due to climate change).

    These people bitch endlessly and the the so called “Freedom Convoy” drove to Ottawa for their own mini insurrection claiming their rights were being taken. Meanwhile their “convoy” bankrupted businesses, blocked commerce and transportation for ordinary folks, allowed produce to rot on trucks and cost the economy billions in trade. What about the rights of those people affected? The government (federal, provincial and municipal all involved) should have clamped down sooner and harder than they did.

    What rights were they losing? If they don’t want a vaccine that is their right. Refuse it, but if your employer demands it then that is his/her RIGHT to fire you or it is your RIGHT to quit. There, everybody’s happy. If a restaurant requires a mask that is their right and your right to eat elsewhere is intact (*note to Oosterhoof re Betty’s). A lot of the regulations were actually imposed by the US government.

    These people are either willfully or unintentionally scientifically ignorant in myriad ways. I’ve heard more garbage about vaccines that is total BS but SOMEONE on line told them. These folks apparently think they have proxy PhD’s in immunology and epidemiology by reading quack science. I remember my dad telling me about epidemics when he was a kid. A sign went on the door and NOBODY could leave or enter. We were asked to wear a mask. Boo hoo. In the past vaccine passports were required to travel out of country so we didn’t get ill when overseas or bring back diseases to Canada. What a dumb idea!!!! This is sarcasm. It was always my fervent wish to bring Ebola back to my family.

    With every right comes responsibility. You must have insurance and a license to drive. You can’t drive 160 in a 50 km zone or drive drunk and kill someone. The victims of such acts also have rights. These people are so selfish it’s ludicrous. Me, me, me. If they are so fervent about their fight for rights I suggest they volunteer in Ukraine. THAT is a fight for freedom. They would return home and kiss the ground!


  3. To be fair, Doug, she is not premier as a result of a general election, she is premier by virtue of a leadership campaign within her party. And it took six rounds among seven candidates before she was able to get 50% of the vote. So, only a minority of a minority of Albertans chose her with any zeal. Even Jason Kenney thinks she is a wingnut. She only just got a seat in November with 54.5% of 6,923 votes. So even her own seat was not a strong vote of support.
    I don’t have any respect or agreement with anything she says, but let’s hold off making things worse or giving this faction any ammunition until she, or someone like her, becomes premier in a general election.
    Thanks for your constant good work, I appreciate all of the information you put out for us and your passion.

    A quick response from Doug Draper,, Thank you for your kind words Pat and for your thoughtfull and informed views. The true test is wheter Danielle Smith is elected at large this coming year. Unfortunately, I don’t feel very confident that the voters of Alberta will elect another NDP government and the Liberal Party in that province has had a history being dead onarrival. I hope I am wrong.


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