We Lost Our Sweet Feline Girl Alice. Niagara At Large Will Be Back Later

A Brief One from Doug Draper at Niagara At Large

Posted December 6th, 2022 on Niagara At Large

I am sorry to say I have to take a few days away from Doug Ford and all of the other bullshit going on around us in Niagara and the rest of the world here.

Our household has lost a sweet feline member of our family – a beautiful black Bombay named Alice – all of a sudden this December 6th.

Our beautiful Alice hasw suddenly lfet us. Niagara At Larkge mY VW ODDLINW DOE dwq sYA.

Our daughter Sarah brought Alice into our home in Throld  years ago, after she came back with this cat she loved following a breakup with a partner in Florida.

Alice immediate loved it here, especially a door in a bedroom window that took her out to a cat house I built in the backyard, where all of the felines we ever had could get some sunshine and enjoy the fresh air, but could not wander free onto neighbourhood roads where far too many cats get hit by cars and die.

She, like all of the other cats in our home that became bellowed members of our family, became such a special part of our family, especially during this COVID pandemic when we were, more or less, locked inside and she was oblivious to all of that and just so happy to be part of our family.

Just last nigh and odvernight into today, Alice slept on my chest for what I would not know would be the last time. And I gave her one last kiss on her head.

If you have a beloved cat or dog in your household, give them a kiss too.

God Bless You Alice. We Will Miss You Little Girld, Doug Draper, for my wife Mary and daughter Sarah too,

P.S. –Niagara At Large may be off for a few days while we come to terms with this.

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11 responses to “We Lost Our Sweet Feline Girl Alice. Niagara At Large Will Be Back Later

  1. cath ens-hurwood

    really sorry to hear, Doug – all animals deserve the love and care you showered on Alice and I hope that some day they all will.


  2. georgemarshall1gmailcom



  3. Brigitte Bonner

    So sorry for your loss Doug.


  4. So sorry for your loss.
    The loss of a cat is immeasurable.
    But so is the love that is left behind.


  5. I lost my Honey Bee in July so understand the pain.


  6. Rosemary Drage Hale

    Always a heartbreaking time. So sorry for the aching loss you are all feeling.


  7. My condolences Doug and family, it is obvious that Alice was lived and loving. I still miss my cats, all of them over the years.


  8. Robert Milenkoff

    Sorry for loss Doug …………….


  9. Losing a pet is so truly devastating as you and your family already know Doug. But you gave her a wonderful life full of love and respect. So sorry But I am sure Alice would want you and your family to know that she is still near and will live in your hearts.


  10. I’m so sorry, Doug. Your family gave Alice a wonderful nine lives of care and love. We all understand that you need to take time to grieve and honour Alice’s life with you.


  11. Very sorry to hear this, Doug. She looks like a lovely cat, and you’ll all miss her…My condolences.


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