Stand With Us to Stop Doug Ford & Company from Destroying What Makes Our Communities Healthy and Affordable

“Premier Ford and his developer friends have started a war against Ontario’s future. Now it’s our turn to start working together for a livable Ontario.”

See Details Below. Join In Signing A Letter to Ontario Premier Doug Ford

A Call-Out from The Liveable Ontario Committee, a province-wide coalition of individuals and organizations standing up against Doug Ford’s efforts to pave over what’s left of our food-growing lands and  natural heritage

Posted December 5th, 2022 on Niagara At Large

Dear fellow Ontarian,

Niagara citizens at Regional Headquarters for November 24th Inaugural meeting of council. Photo by Doug Draper

We need your help to stop Premier Ford’s attack on affordable and liveable communities and local democracy. As you may have heard on November 21st, over 125 organizations representing hundreds of thousands of Ontarians, released a damning statement <> about Bill 23 and the Greenbelt land grab.

*This release got great news coverage around Ontario and nationally. It shows what a massive number of unlikely groups can do when they work together. 

*Now we want to build on this success and create a huge alliance of groups and individuals from every sector in Ontario dedicated to creating a liveable Ontario.

*We want you to join us.* Below are three actions we hope you will take.

*Why We’re Doing This*

Photos of rally at Niagara Regional headquarters by Doug Draper

As you have probably heard, the Ford government rammed through Bill 23 on Monday, November 28th. The Premier ignored the growing chorus of stakeholders (municipalities, farmers, housing advocates, land use planners, environmentalists, labour groups, healthcare workers, and many more)  who told him how much harm the bill would cause Ontarians, except his developer friends.

Premier Ford is also ramming through policies that will allow him to remove land from the Greenbelt and undermine local democracy by giving extraordinary powers to select mayors and forcing municipalities to open up precious agricultural and natural areas to unnecessary and expensive sprawl development.

At the rally in front of Ontario Ford government MPP Sam Oosterhoff’s constituency office

Like you, we are angry that Premier Ford so blatantly put the interests of influential and well connected sprawl developers ahead of ALL Ontarians’ future.

*But we have hope. We’ve collectively created a new Alliance that has the potential to present and promote an alternative vision for Ontario, as Premier Ford and his developer friends try to implement the deeply regressive and destructive Bill 23, the Greenbelt land grab and his highly undemocratic changes to municipal decision-making.*

*What you Can Do, Right Now*

Collectively, we have power to stop Premier Ford’s disastrous plans and get back to building liveable communities *-and we have Ontario on our side.

* In addition to a growing list of other actions, here are three actions to take right now -as part of this new alliance::

   – *Sign this letter by clicking 0n –   <>

To Premier Ford*. We plan to deliver it to him early in the New Year.

   – *Join the Alliance for a  Liveable Ontario


*We’re creating a “big tent” for organizations and individuals who want to work towards building a livable Ontario.

   – *Use this form <>

To help us keep track of how Bill 23 is harming Ontario.* Send us any intelligence on local government efforts related to Bill 23 (e.g. Municipal Council meeting resolutions, discussions of massive property tax increases, discussions of new infrastructure costs to enable sprawl etc., discussions of new developments to proceed without parkland, schools etc.)

In the coming weeks, we will be developing a draft plan for how we can collectively work together to create livable communities, protected farmland and conservation lands, and real solutions to Ontario’s housing crisis.

Premier Ford and his developer friends have started a war against Ontario’s future. Now it’s our turn to start working together for a livable Ontario.


*The Liveable Ontario Committee* (Anne Golden, Cherise Burda, Claire Malcolmson, David Crombie, Franz Hartmann, Ian Borsuk, Kevin Eby, Liz Benneian, Lynn Morrow, Margaret Prophet, Tim Gray, Victor Doyle)

NIAGARA AT LARGE Encourages You To Join The Conversation By Sharing Your Views On This Post In The Space Following The Bernie Sanders Quote Below.

“A Politician Thinks Of The Next Election. A Leader Thinks Of The Next Generation.” – Bernie Sanders



5 responses to “Stand With Us to Stop Doug Ford & Company from Destroying What Makes Our Communities Healthy and Affordable

  1. Leave some green for future generations


  2. David Henderson

    The PC threat to the Greenbelt is a violation of every moral code that defines being human. The effects of this will last for ever and do permanent damage to the natural environment


  3. ​Yet another violation with Ford’s greenbelt invasion

    Parks Canada says Ontario would be violating an agreement between the federal and provincial governments if it goes ahead with plans to open up parts of the Greenbelt for development.​

    ​In a letter sent to the Ontario government and a legislative committee, viewed by The Narwhal, Parks Canada said the agreement mandates the province to consult before changing the boundaries of the Greenbelt. It was penned for the protection of Rouge National Urban Park, at the eastern edge of Toronto, which borders a portion of the Greenbelt in Pickering, Ont., called the Duffins Rouge Agricultural Preserve. The preserve is among the areas set to be removed from the Greenbelt. ​


  4. Doug seriously man, what are you thinking?
    Did you do something really bad that your developer friends could call you out on? Just come clean.. we all make mistakes. Apologies are all the rage these days. You don’t have to keep being this ruthless unkind, greedbag of a man. We will forgive you if you turn this around and do the right thing. Money doesn’t buy you everything. Don’t you want to gain the respect of respected people? It’s much more fulfilling than $$. It give you a dopamine shot.. yeah dude, respect from others gets you high! Cool eh

    A Response from Doug Drarper …. You are so so right. What am I thinking and what a clear-headed, super geniius you are.. Perhaps you should move to the southern United States where there are far more of you.


  5. Here we are amidst serious losses and changes due to global warming, loss of farmland and a recent sobering Wild Species
    Report that clearly and unequivocally warns of a dire
    crises of species extinction here in Canada and these so called responsible members of government continue to wreck, chew up and sell off habitat. How to wreck a Province 101.


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