You Are Invited to the Annual Meeting of Friends of Richmond Street Forest in Thorold/Niagara

Thursday, November 24th, from 6 to 7:30 PM, at Thorold Public Library

Guest Speaker, Anne Yagi, wildlife biologist and president of the Niagara- based 8 Trees Inc.

Members of Friends of Richmond Street Forest, supportser and Thorold City Council gather at a tree planting recently to save frog pond from urban developement. More on this success in the days ahead on NAL. Photo by Doug Draper

An Invite from Friends of Richmond Street Forest

Posted November 23rd, 2022 on Niagara At Large

On Thursday November 24. 2022, Friends Of The Richmond Street Forest Will Be Holding Their Annual AGM At The Thorold Library From 6pm -7:30pm. Please Attend For A Chance At Winning A Tulip Tree (Two Being Donated, Purchased From A Local Nursery) And Wildflower Seeds Along With A Few Other Door Prizes.

Light Refreshments Will Be Served (And Cake)!

-A Reflection Of Our Past Year Of Volunteerism
-Growing Our Membership And Outreach

Our Guest Speaker Will Be Anne Yagi, President Of 8trees Based Out Of Pelham.  In Settled Areas Of Canada, Up To 70% Of Our Wetlands Have Been Destroyed Or Diminished.

Yagi, Will Be Presenting “The Importance Of Wetlands”.

She Will Share The Benefits Of Keeping Wetlands In Place For Biodiversity And A Mitigator For Floods And Droughts. As Well, She Will Explore The Fauna And Flora That Live In These Misunderstood Landscapes.

Please Join The Facebook Page, Friends Of The Richmond Street Forest For Details.
For more information on guest speaker Anne Yagi and 8 Trees Inc., click on –

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