Niagara Regional Chair Jim Bradley Embraces Ford Government’s Decision to Reappoint Him for Another Four Years

Bradley Applauds “All Options” by Ford Government to Address Housing Crisis

A Statement from Niagara Regional Chair Jim Bradley on Ford Govewrnment’s Introduction of ‘Better Municipal Governance Act’

Posted November 17th,2022 on Niagara At Large

Niagara Regional Chair Jim Bradley

Niagara Regional Chair Jim Bradley offered the following statement regarding the provincial government’s introduction of the Better Municipal Governance Act:

“The Regional Municipality of Niagara, like all other municipalities across Ontario, are creatures of the province. As such, I fully respect the province’s authority over local governments and their ability to make decisions they feel are in the best interest of the people of Ontario.

 In regard to Minister Clark’s announcement that he is reappointing the Regional Chairs in Niagara, York and Peel, I can affirm my steadfast commitment to the people of Niagara and my readiness to continue serving as Regional Chair. I also want to share my enthusiasm for working with the next term of Council and getting back to work in early December.

It goes without saying that there is a significant housing crisis across Ontario. I applaud the province for considering all options at their disposal to address this crisis, including exploration of expansion of so-called “strong mayor” powers. As Regional Chair, I look forward to working with the announced Provincial facilitators to find ways to better support our growing population while addressing the housing crisis.

The housing crisis in Niagara apparently includes gutting significant wetlands like this.

As I have said on multiple occasions, holding the Office of Regional Chair has been an honour and privilege that I do not take lightly. I will continue to execute the duties of this office to the best of my abilities as I serve the people and businesses of our region

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