Ford and his Enablers in Politics and Ontario’s Development Industry Just Keep On Paving Over Our Farmland

A Message from the Green Party of Ontario

Posted July 6th, at Niagara At Large

Ontario is losing farmland at an alarming rate.

New data from The Ontario Federation of Agriculture says Ontario is losing farmland at a rate of 319 acres per day.

That’s 319 acres of family businesses, 319 acres of land that protects us from the harmful effects of climate change, and 319 acres of land used to grow your food – all gone.

The pirates in Ontario’s development industry couldn’t give a damn about saving farmland and that is okay with the Ford government. So take what is on the left side here and turn it into more of what is on the right. Then where do we get locally grown food, as if they give a damn. It is all about money in their pocket, and nothing more

The culprit of this devastating loss? Sprawl. It needs to stop now.

Doug Ford’s disastrous plan to pave over precious farmland with supersprawler projects like Highway 413 and The Bradford Bypass threatens the security of the province’s $50 billion food and farming sector.

Highway 413 is estimated to pave over 2,000 acres of highly productive farmland.

With more cars on the road, comes more pollution in the air. According to Environmental Defence, Highway 413 would pump 17.4 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions into the air cumulatively by 2050 — that’s more than the entire City of Toronto emitted in 2018.

Spending billions of dollars on projects that will increase Ontario’s emissions is irresponsible and dangerous.

 Ford wants to destroy the places that feed Ontario – and we can’t let him.

Doug Ford has been so concerned with putting money in the hands of his developer friends that he hasn’t heard all the Ontarians asking him to save the beautiful places that put food on their table.

Ontario Greens are asking Ford to reconsider his plans for paving over our paradise and instead put that money into building more caring, connected communities and saving Ontario farmland.

Join Us In Telling Doug Ford To Save Our Farmland Now. [3]


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