Paul McCartney Turns 80 – UNBELIEVABLE

“You say it’s your birthday. …. We’re going to have a good time. … Happy birthday to you.”                                    – lyrics from The Beatle song,  and one primarily penned by Paul McCartney

A Brief One by Doug Draper

Posted June 18, 2022 on Niagara At Large

I was barely in my teens when a rock group called The Beatles crossed the Atlantic from Britain ignited music mania with their first big appearance on an American television show that received record-breaking ratings that night.

That was 1964 and Beatle member Paul McCartney was still in his 20 when, three years later, he wrote a song for the group’s Sgt. Pepper album called “When I’m Sixty-Four,” leaving his fans trying to imagine him, along with the rest of us, ever getting that old.

Well, the pages of the calendar seem to have turned faster than a whirligig in a wind storm and here we are this June 18th with Paul McCartney at 80.

Believe it Beatle fans. It’s true.

We’ve gone a long way down that long and winding road.

As a toast to Paul, here is another one of the songs he was the primary composer of, along with a little help from fellow composer John Lennon and The Beatles. You can watch and hear them perform it – one of the group’s biggest of all the big hits it had – following a bit of fun banter from the group by clicking on the screen below –

Here is one more for the road, featuring Paul and one of his touring bands performing live sometime over the past few decades –

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3 responses to “Paul McCartney Turns 80 – UNBELIEVABLE

  1. Happy Birthday Paul. Your music still lives in my heart.


  2. Linda McKellar

    Hate to break it to you Doug but have you looked at your own birth certificate lately? I have and it’s scary! How did that happen?

    Reply from Doug Draper – Any more talk about my birth certificate and I am going to have to start blocking people. It’s Paul’s birthday and as the song says, let’s just “party, party.”


  3. hahahhahaahaha – time goes ZOOM:)


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