As Projected from the Beginning of this Election, Ford Government is Back with a Big Majority

Conservative Sam Oosterhoff Wins in Niagara West, NDP Incumbents Wayne Gates, Jennie Stevens and Jeff Burch win in Ridings of Niagara Falls, St. Catharines and Niagara Centre Respectively

A News Commentary by Doug Draper at NAL

Posted June 2nd, 2022 on Niagara At Large

The slogan Doug Ford and his Ontario Conservatives flashed around the province in this election was “Get It Done.”

Well, they sure did get it done alright, because this was decisive win for the Ford forces that has all but buried the opposition under the asphalt of one of the new highways they are promising to build through swaths of Ontario’s greenbelt.

Fortunately that burial did not include three very good and hard-working NDP incumbents in Niagara – Wayne Gates in the Riding of Niagara Falls, Jennie Stevens in the Riding of St. Catharines and Jeff Burch in the Riding of Niagara Centre.

It did not go as well for Dave Augustyn, a former Pelham mayor and Niagara regional councillor who ran as the NDP candidate in the Niagara West Riding. As capable a candidate as he was, he lost by a wide margin to Conservative incumbent Sam Oosterhoff.

And as for NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, who was leading her party for the fourth time in a provincial election and who lost seats and received a smaller percentage of the overall provincial vote this time, she won her own seat in Hamilton but announced that she is stepping down as leader.

Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca failed to win a seat for himself and he also announced that he is stepping down as leader.

The Green Party’s leader, Mike Schreiner recaptured his seat in the Guelph area, but his party failed to win any more seats in the province despite of a strong showing by him in the leadership debates.

Certainly a cautionary note for Doug Ford and his Conservatives as they celebrate their big seat count.

As far as the popular vote goes, the Ford Tories drew about 40 per cent of the total number of votes cast across the province. That means 60 per cent of Ontario voters backed candidates from other parties and that should be something Ford remains very mindful of as he pushes his Conservative agenda.

Niagara At Large will update and expand on this election story this  Friday (June 3rd).

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One response to “As Projected from the Beginning of this Election, Ford Government is Back with a Big Majority

  1. With his reelection will Ford do as he did in 2018 (destroy Ontario economic growth) and promise to rebuild in 2022? At least DelDuca can enjoy his “no permit ” pool.


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