In this Ontario Election, Vote For Quality Public Health Care

Join the Campaign Against More Privatizing by Ford Conservatives of our Health Care System

A Message from Natalie Mehra, Executive Director of the Ontario Health Coalition

Posted May 26th, 2022 on Niagara At Large

Hi everyone,

All kinds of photos like these have been coming in from across Ontario.

I am so excited to see them! In a number of communities, we have been successful in making the threat (and frankly, the reality) of health care privatization visible.

We have succeeded in winning clear promises from the NDP, and more recently, the Liberals and Greens to end for-profit long-term care. That is *our* collective work! Well done. We have made privatization an issue that has been raised by media (not  enough but it is being raised) and is all over on social media. It matters. But we have some bare spots and could do more…

I will be driving around and putting up lawn signs to try to make them more visible in the city of Toronto and in Durham. I want to try to get a few at least in as many neighbourhoods as possible so that they are visible across the community.  If you don’t have one yet, can you please send me your address & postal code (in Toronto and Durham only!) and I’ll come by and put one up.

For the rest of Ontario, we have all kinds of volunteers with signs. Please help us make this issue visible everywhere before the election. Please contact your local sign volunteer and make an arrangement to get a sign. Or if you have friends or relatives and can do as I am, drive around and put up the signs (ask first!), that would be really helpful.

If you have a lawn sign and you haven’t put it up yet, *please* don’t wait any longer. They cost us more than $6 each and it is a total waste of money to leave them in your trunk or garage. Please do put them up.

The province wide list of volunteers with signs (including volunteers in Niagara) is here. Just click and find the person closest to you!

Natalie Mehra, executive director, Ontario Health Coalition

If you can help to donate to cover the costs of the signs: (click on “election advertising” to fund lawn signs, click on memberships and donations for ongoing support of our work).

A huge, heartfelt thank you all who have helped with this. My personal commitment is to continue to do everything I personally can until the day before the election (June 1) which is a blackout day and we cannot put up any more signs from then on. If you can help also, and are not already working on candidates’ campaigns, we would deeply appreciate a last big push.

Sending warmest regards, Natalie Mehra. Executive Director

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“A Politician Thinks Of The Next Election. A Leader Thinks Of The Next Generation.” – Bernie Sanders


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