Ontario’s Ford Government Has Kept Just 37 Per Cent of Its 2018 Campaign Promises

Province’s NDP Leader Promises to Restore Integrity in Government

“It’s time for a government that works for you and your family — not for themselves and their buddies.”                                                       – Andrea Horwath, Ontario NDP Leader

News from Ontario’s New Democratic Party

Posted April 26th, 2022 on Niagara At Large

Doug Ford made promises and enough Ontarians believed him to elect him once. Polls suggest they will elect him again. Now there is something to laugh about.

TORONTO – Official Opposition Leader Andrea Horwath is committing to a number of changes to restore integrity in Ontario’s government.

“It’s been a rough few years. People who are looking for an affordable place to live have been hurt by a government helping developers who donate to their party, instead of families who need a home. People who are calling for investment in autism services have to watch millions in public dollars go out the door to fund partisan ads.”

We all have to watch and worry as the line between being a lobbyist and being a senior advisor to Doug Ford has been wiped away,” said Horwath.

“It’s time for a government that works for you and your family — not for themselves and their buddies.”

Horwath and the NDP are committing to:

  • * Immediately implement the Integrity Commissioner’s recommendations to reform lobbyist legislation, and change the law so that every lobbyist meeting is publicly reported, This is already the federal law.
  • * Reverse Doug Ford’s election finance changes to ensure that people, not money, determine elections – including limits on campaign contributions and making it the law that donors must declare that the money they are donating is theirs.
  • * Work with the Information and Privacy Commissioner to increase government transparency and public access to information, while protecting the privacy of Ontarians.
  • * Restore the ban on partisan advertising with public money, which was scrapped by the Wynne and Del Duca Liberal government.
  • * Clean up the government appointment process ensuring that all-party committee get a chance to review every government appointee, and banning public board chairs from engaging in partisan activity.

He insists he is “for the people.”

With Doug Ford poised to release a list of hollow election promises disguised as a budget,

NDP Finance critic Catherine Fife said Ontarians also deserve a premier who says what she’ll do, and does what she says. According to Polimeter’s promise tracker, built by VoxPop labs at McMaster University, Ford has kept only a measly 37 per cent (https://www.polimetre.org/en/ford) of his 2018 election promises.

“Ford’s promises were the good, the bad and the gimmicky — and he broke nearly all of them,” said Fife. “After breaking the vast majority of his 2018 promises, it’s pretty clear that this week’s budget won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on.

Ford’s broken promises

1. Ford promised to cut income tax by 20 per cent.

+ He did not (https://www.polimetre.org/en/ford/promises/1.03.18) .

2. Ford promised to end hallway medicine.

+ Hospitals were badly overcapacity (https://www.polimetre.org/en/ford/promises/1.12.05) , even before the pandemic.

3. Ford promised to cut emergency room wait times.

+ Even before the pandemic, the average person spent 14.4 hours (https://www.polimetre.org/en/ford/promises/1.12.04) waiting in the hospital.

4. Ford promised to fix the Ontario Autism Program and end wait lists.

+ He has spent the same amount (https://www.polimetre.org/en/ford/promises/1.12.18) as the previous Liberal government, and doubled the wait (https://toronto.citynews.ca/2021/11/10/ontario-autism-program-delays/) list.

5. Ford promised to cut hydro bills by 12 per cent.

+ He hiked them by 4.3 per cent (https://www.polimetre.org/en/ford/promises/1.03.09) and will continue to hike them annually.

6. Ford promised to renegotiate energy contracts.

+ He didn’t (https://www.polimetre.org/en/ford/promises/1.03.13) renegotiate energy contracts. He did pay an extra $231 million (https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/doug-ford-green-energy-wind-turbines-cancelled-230-million-1.5364815) to rip down a wind farm.

7. Ford promised to reign in outrageous executive salaries at Ontario Power Generation.

+ OPG executive salaries are more outrageous (https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/ontario-power-generation-executives-top-province-s-sunshine-list-1.5835205) than ever.

8. Ford promised to lower business tax from 11.5 per cent to 10.5 per cent.

+ He did not (https://www.polimetre.org/en/ford/promises/1.03.20) .

9. Ford promised he would not cut rent control.

+ Ford absolutely eliminated rent control (https://www.polimetre.org/en/ford/promises/1.12.02) on any home built after Nov. 2018.

10. Ford promised to restore the auditor’s ability to block government’s from doing partisan ads with public dollars.

+ He broke the promise (https://www.polimetre.org/en/ford/promises/1.07.19) and is spending (https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/watch-the-ontario-government-s-gritty-covid-19-super-bowl-commercials-1.5297901) a fortune on partisan ads.

11. Ford promised to allow grocery stores to sell 12-packs and 24-cases of beer.

+ He didn’t (https://www.polimetre.org/en/ford/promises/1.03.30) change the rules.

It didn’t last long. One LCBO worker warned that it tasted like “carbonated mule piss.”

12. Ford promised people could get beer for $1.

+ Where can you get beer for $1? Nowhere.

13.  Ford promised (https://ontariopc.ca/doug-ford-will-further-expand-the-sale-of-beer-and-wine-into-corner-stores-grocery-stores-and-box-stores/) to allow corner stores to sell beer and wine.

+ He didn’t do (http://ontariocstores.ca/beverage-alcohol-update/) this either.

14. Ford promised to keep Ontario’s air clean by enforcing the regulations.

+ He did not (https://www.polimetre.org/en/ford/promises/1.05.03) .

15. Ford promised to go after big polluters.

+ He did not (https://www.polimetre.org/en/ford/promises/1.05.05) .

16. Ford promised (https://web.archive.org/web/20180524170136/https:/www.ontariopc.ca/doug_ford_will_cut_gas_taxes_by_ten_cents_per_litre) to cut the gas tax by 10 cents in his first term, so gas never reaches $2 a litre.

+ He didn’t do this, and has now changed the promise to a temporary six-month break, and gas stations are free to pocket the difference and keep charging drivers the same amount.

17. Ford promised to balance the budget.

+ He did not (https://www.polimetre.org/en/ford/promises/1.03.27) .

18. Ford promised businesses approvals will all be done on a one-year timeline.

+ He did not (https://toronto.citynews.ca/2022/03/11/ontario-covid-small-business-support-grant-delays/) . And small businesses are still waiting (https://toronto.citynews.ca/2022/03/11/ontario-covid-small-business-support-grant-delays/) for promised pandemic grants.

19. Ford promised to “end corporate welfare.”

+ He did not (https://www.polimetre.org/en/ford/promises/1.03.25) cancel the Jobs and Prosperity Fund he railed against (https://twitter.com/fordnation/status/999689495820693504) . And Ford’s buddies get (https://www.qpbriefing.com/2021/07/16/super-fishy-donations-linked-to-developer-topped-50000-ahead-of-ford-fundraiser/) what Ford’s buddies want.

20. Ford promised a line-by-line audit of government spending.

+ He did not (https://www.polimetre.org/en/ford/promises/1.07.16) do that.

21. Ford promised to build the Scarborough Shepard transit loop.

+ This project is nowhere (https://www.polimetre.org/en/ford/promises/1.11.13) to be seen.

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