Hey Putin, Ban Us All. Who In Hell Would Want to Go to Russia Now?

By the Way, When is Trudeau Going to Kick Putin’s Ambassador to Canada out of Our Country?

A Brief News Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted March 17th, 2022 on Niagara At Large

Putin tells our elected leaders – Stay out of Russia! As if anyone would want to go.

I guess the federal MP in Niagara Centre – the riding in Niagara, Ontario where I live – won’t be going to Russia any time soon.

Not that Vance Badawey,  the person of decency and sound mind that I think he is, would be planning a vacation to Russia anyway – not under circumstances where the mad leader of that country continues murdering and making life hell on earth for more than 40 million people in neighbouring Ukraine.

In the wake of a stirring address Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, delivered to members of Canada’s House of Commons and Senate in Ottawa this past March 15th, Niagara’s four MPs – Liberals Badawey and St. Catharines MP Chris Bittle, and Conservatives Tony Baldinelli (Niagara Falls and Dean Allison (Niagara West) – and all other members of Canada’s House of Commons have been banned by Putin and his fellow war criminals from setting foot on Russian soil.

No offence to the average Russian – many who may oppose this bloody assault on Ukraine or may not even know it is going on – b

This is what Putin’s uniformed and armed thugs do to their own people who even mention that there is a war.. How about 15 years in jail?

But Putin might as well be telling Canada’s politicians and, as he did the day before, politicians in the United States, that he won’t allow them to enter one of the filthiest, stench-filled Johnny-on-the-spots or outhouses on the planet. And why would they when they can go to a nice clean washroom.

Asked about Putin’s ban, Baldenilli told one local newspaper that he considers it a “badge of honour,” Bittle said he feel more concerned if he was left off the list.

I liked a response from one of our high-profile American neighbours – former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – when she found out she was on the list. “Thanks for the lifetime achievement award.” Tweeted Clinton as if she was receiving an Oscar from the Academy of Films.

In relative terms, this Putin ban is about as weighty as a toddler’s temper tantrum compared to the horrific crimes this monster and his uniformed thugs are committing against people in Ukraine and people in his own country who are standing up against his murderous war.

Yet why not use the ban to play a little tit for tat.

If Putin is going to ban our elected representatives from his country let’s ban his Ambassador to Canada, Oleg Stepanov, and Stepanov’s whole entourage from our country. All they are, according to many experts on the kind of “diplomats” Putin sends to countries like Canada and the United States, are a bunch of liars and spies anyway.

There are at least some who say we shouldn’t throw the Russian ambassador out because we want to keep the channels of communication open. But when all you are getting from the likes of Stepanov are Putin’s lies, including continual denials that Putin is even waging a war on Ukraine, what is the point of having him and his minions in our country anyway.

Prime Minister Trudeau should now throw Putin’s lying, spying ambassador from Russia, Oleg Stepanov, out of Canada.

Kick them out – NOW!

Why should we have him here for one more day when his crime boss won’t have any of our elected representatives in his country?

Listen and read the news enough and you also continue to hear that there are other Putin hacks in Canada, including individuals and companies doing business here, who have not yet been shown the door.

If that is true, what is Trudeau waiting for. Every single nickel and dime of Russian investment in Canada should be seized and transferred over to the Ukrainian people in military and humanitarian aid.

Finally, I can only wish I had a significant enough profile to see my name on Putin’s blacklist.. It is certainly something worth shooting for.

Want to go to Putin’s Russia? Watch what his thugs do to his own people who protest the war in Ukraine. Click on the screen below –

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