The Evil Bastard!!

Putin’s Crimes Against Humanity Need to Be Answered With Maximum Force

A Brief Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted March 10th, 2021 on Niagara At Large

An expecting mom, wounded by one of Putin’s bombs, flees from a maternity hospital in Ukraine.

“Dropping a bomb on a maternity hospital — it’s the final proof that what is happening is genocide of Ukrainians.” – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky

Where is the so-called “red line” when it comes to Canada, the United States and other NATO members finally crushing Putin and the homicidal enablers in his military?

Is it when they deliberately target for the killing civilians in Ukraine, including the maternity hospital they bombed this March  9th?

Is it when they unleash chemical weapons on the people of Ukraine? Or is it when this madman invades other eastern European countries inside the NATO fold, or finally starts a nuclear war?

This Hitler-like monster needs to be taken out of action as soon as possible.

Maybe we all got to go back and read the history of 1938 because Hitler did not stop at moving troops into Austria or Czechoslovakia. He then invated Poland which ignited Word War II and the deaths of tens of millions of people.

I agree with every Ukrainian member of parliament I have heard interviewed over the past week> Putin has already triggered Word War III so let’s go in and crush this murderous monster – who has already risen as the closest thing to Hitler in the 21st century – now.

When I hear the likes of Trudeau and Biden humming and hawing over weather there should be a no-fly zone for Russia over Ukraine or whether we should see that Ukraine gets more fighter planes I want to scream.

What in hell are they waiting for – the muclear missiles to fly? Because that could happen next.

P.S. – When is Trudeau finally going to throw the lying, spying ambassador from Russian and all his helpers out of Canada?

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“A Politician Thinks Of The Next Election. A Leader Thinks Of The Next Generation.” – Bernie Sanders


2 responses to “The Evil Bastard!!

  1. And China is in bed with this Nazi. Such a frightening time.


  2. Linda McKellar

    I’m with you. Give them the damn MIG’s at least. The west has given other deadly weapons so why not planes? What’s the difference? Let Ukrainian pilots fly them in and they will just be more military aid. Bomb the convoys into hell.
    As you said, this is already WW3 but the Ukrainians are the only ones fighting it. They’re fighting for our freedoms too. Maybe some of those whining truckers and their phony proxies could go over and fight against REAL DESPOTISM. I wonder how well they would have done protesting in Moscow. Fifteen years hard labour for holding up a sign.
    Now Putin says Ukraine will use chemical weapons. They don’t have any. That means Putin plans to use them. His usual modus operandi. Accuse them of doing what he plans to do. Tucker Carlson says Putin is telling the truth. (I would change that turkey’s name by changing only one letter.) If anyone saw what the chemical weapons used by Putin did in Syria it is just plain evil. Children frothing at the mouth as their lungs explode. Horrible death. Seeing that made me physically ill.
    Using chemicals he can take the cities without destroying them. That is called genocide. Bombing hospitals is called genocide. Starving citizens is called genocide. Bombing refugee corridors and killing entire families is called genocide. The west doesn’t even have the guts to declare those war crimes! Passing the buck.
    Many are fleeing to Moldova now, also a non NATO nation. He will go there next. Those refugees will flee again plus the Moldovians.
    Today tariffs were announced on vodka and caviar. How can we possibly live without those staples? 😦
    Since women and children are fleeing unprotected, some unscrupulous people are sex trafficking under the guise of sheltering them.
    This guy will carry and the west will keep dithering while people are dying. How many have to die while we watch? Can we wait until he runs out of manpower and money? How many Ukrainians will end up dead dumped unceremoniously in mass graves? Putin uses the same tactics every time and they work. Syria, Chechnya.
    This is so depressing. Bless Zelenskyy. I doubt he is long for this world but he has inspired his people. He is not a coward nor are his people.


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