UPDATE – Ontario’s LCBO Stores Agree to Pull Russian Products from Shelves

A Brief News Update from Niagara At Large

Posted February 25th, 2022

File photo by Doug Draper

Since Niagara At Large posted a piece earlier this February 25th, on a call from Ontario opposition politicians to pull Russian alcoholic beverages from LCBO shelves in response to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the LCBO is reportedly doing just that at the direction of the province’s Ford government.

“The LCBO supports the provincial and federal governments in condemning Russia’s attack on Ukraine,” LCBO said in a statement it circulated late this Friday, February 25th afternoon.

All of Putin’s booze is off LCBO shelves for now.

Earlier in the day the leaders of Ontario’s Official Opposition New Democratic Party and Liberal Party called on the Ford government to empty LCBO store shelves of Russian products. The same call came in an open letter from St. Catharines NDP MPP Jennie Stevens.

“It is with a heavy heart that I reach out to you on behalf of the large Ukrainian-Canadian community across Niagara, and the Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Niagara Branch, to call on the LCBO to remove all Russian products from their shelves immediately, as a sign of solidarity, strength and support to all Ukrainian residents of Ontario and across Niagara,” stated Stevens in her letter.

To read the full report Niagara At Large posted on this earlier this February 25th, click on – https://niagaraatlarge.com/2022/02/25/ontario-opposition-party-members-call-for-banning-all-russian-alcoholic-products-from-lcbo-shelves/

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